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National Burden of Illness

By August 8, 2021Commentary

Updated to clarify titles.  You will recall that earlier in the week I posted on some CDC databases relating to burden of illness.  That database showed cases, hospitalizations and deaths nationally by age.  The CDC gives both actual, and their estimates, which I don’t quite follow.  So here are both sets, as redone for charting by Dave Dixon.  The first set is the actual reported numbers, according to the CDC (it says estimate but that is only because I don’t know the actual source for CDC numbers), and the second set is their estimates of the true numbers.  You can see they estimate much higher case numbers and somewhat higher hospitalizations and deaths than the actuals they report.   Just want to point out that on the CDC’s estimates the infection fatality rate is .23% and that assumes their goofy death estimate is accurate.  It isn’t.  An accurate death estimate would drop the IFR to .1 to .15%.


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