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Children Have Suffered a Lot of Harm from the Epidemic

By July 19, 2021Commentary

Here is a table from DDL.  Look at how many school-age children have died from CV-19 in Minnesota.  Zero, that’s right, zero.  So don’t buy any of the crap about teachers being concerned about students health.  And the research shows that children don’t actually spread much to adults.  And obviously a lot of other diseases kill a lot more children.

What has happened is that children’s educational and social lives, and other aspects of their health, such as vaccinations, have been severely damaged, especially for minority and low-income children.  Many poor children have just given up on school.   If we care about our children, we have to cut this crap out, and squash the teachers’ unions in particular.

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  • Ricard says:

    Not to be a skeptic or anything but could we compare with similar data from prior years?

    • Kevin Roche says:

      Entirely appropriate, you will have to go to the state DOH website to get all the detailed data, but both homicides and suicides among children are up in 2020 and I believe were records. But the real point is that since there are no CV-19 deaths among the group, what is the bigger problem to addre3ss?

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