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Biden and Walz Hate Children and Women

By February 13, 2021Commentary

In general, and especially with politicians, you have to judge people by what they do and not what they say.  Our new president unveiled his school closing plan.  And that is exactly what it is, a school closing plan.  Under that plan, most schools currently open (and to be clear, open does not mean virtual school, which is worth virtually nothing) would have to close and would likely never open.  The plan was written by teachers’ unions and is part of a grand extortion and bribery plot whereby hundreds of billions more dollars get plowed into schools, mostly to pay teachers, and thence into dues and, miracle of miracles, back into the Democrat party.  If the new CDC director had an ounce of integrity she would immediately resign, since the new plan ignores the actual science and data, including several studies sponsored or published by her own agency showing that schools are actually safer environments for children and pose no risk to teachers.  Just this week I posted on the very large Scottish study showing that teachers actually have a lower risk of serious illness than a matched group of other adults.

The CDC has revealed that it will now be a purely political tool, just like every other part of the administration. We have the same thing in Minnesota, where the Department of Health exists purely to make up or misrepresent information to justify our lamebrained Governor’s inept response to the epidemic.  Despite the immense harm being done, he continues to keep most schools closed, at a time when transmission has disappeared in Minnesota.  He also is 100% owned by the teachers’ unions.  Words are inadequate to express the rage I feel at what is being done to children with no justification and purely for dollars.   And not having schools open leaves parents in a terrible bind, the burden of which falls primarily on women, many of whom have had to leave the workforce. It is more important to Biden and Walz to get a few pennies per child in teacher contributions that to maximize children’s education and social life.  May you truly rot in hell.

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  • Ganderson says:

    I’ve noticed around here that the press has gone from talking about “cases to “talking about “active cases “, which I guess sounds way scarier. One of the local rags is reporting over 600 “active cases “ at UMass. Were that true, or rather if all those people were sick, the health service and all the local emergency rooms would be absolutely overrun. They’re not.

  • Rob says:

    I assume these school closures include parochial schools. If so, that is a rather sinister agenda.

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