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Florida Is Awful, Just Awful

By February 13, 2021Commentary

The chart says it all, look at how much worse Florida is doing than wonderful New York and California.  Maybe if you turn the chart upside down you can see that.   I am going to Florida again next week, probably go again in March.  Tourism is booming.  People want some sanity.  Seems really dangerous too, right, so much more risky than visiting New York or California.  Don’t let facts get in the way of a good political story, and that includes you, Dr. Fauci, the ultimate lifer bureaucrat and political stooge.  Thanks to Ianmsc on Twitter.

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  • Tom says:

    Been to FL in Jan and Feb and plan to be back in March! The best was when everyone started booing the Bidens while I was watching the Super Bowl in a bar. Made me smile. Haven’t been to Phoenix but I’m considering it.

  • Doug Young says:

    Now Uncle Joe wants to ban travel to and from Florida because of an uptick in a “variant”, even though all their other numbers, as the great Ianmsc shows us, are on a downward trend. We too, are planning a trip there, from Draconian California, in March. Let’s hope De Santis wins this fight.

  • Nathan Simon says:

    Why would anyone boo Biden he was the most popularily elected President in history earning more than 80 million votes. Lol. As a side note can’t wait to head to Florida in two weeks.

  • Matt R says:

    We fly out to Orlando Tomorrow! Hoping it isn’t too mask crazy, but either way looking forward to a more normal take on life.

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