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Yep, the Virus Has Its Own Rhythm

By January 28, 2021Commentary

A fascinating perspective on the latitudinal differentiation of the epidemic, moving from north to south.  Says a lot.   Pretty similar mititgation approaches in all these states.  Notice how as you go south, the curves get more spread out, similar number of total cases.  The pattern in the southern states and the southwest in the summer was like this.  Whatever it is about the conditions that favor transmission, it is a fairly narrow niche in the north and a wider one as you go south.  If it were solely latitudinal, you would assume that total sunlight intensity is the key.   (Twitter link)

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  • Rob says:

    Probably has to do with relative difference in sunlight as the season changes and what your body is accustomed to. Certainly similar to what we’ve known about influenza for almost 100 years. It speaks to the stupid arrogance of Fauci, Osterholm, et al that the data shows the similarities and yet the public health bureaucracy is treating it completely opposite of anything they’ve done before, with disastrous results. Naturally, they don’t have the humility to do anything but blame everyone else.

  • Rob says:

    Oklahoma and West Texas had some major snowfall a couple weeks ago, with corresponding temperature drops. People were probably staying indoors more hours than usual,

    As a rule I hate these political maps as indicative of anything, but at least these selected states have similar latitudinal spreads. When you get states like Illinois, California, Texas, Florida, Indiana, and even Ohio in these “studies” you get such a wide spread of latitudes within one state that aggregating the data to the state level is scientific incompetence.

  • LeeS says:

    Check out Edgar Hope-Simpson’s work I have a pdf of his book. You can find it online with good to outrageous prices.

  • M says:

    Be interesting to get almanac data on temp and cloud cover per day, and plot per case count in various regions, and see if there are correlations.

    I might try this this weekend.

    Perhaps the northern states and provinces what have had a fall wave will have another wave in late winter or early spring, if there is a temperature band that is conducive to transmission.

    I live in Detroit and I’m wondering about this in the next few weeks—we got a race between vaccines and variant maybe 🤔

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