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Some Ranting and Observations on the Pathetic Nature of our Federal and State Administration

By January 28, 2021Commentary


The new president talked about the importance of truth, and that is all it was, talk.  He was lying.  One of his first actions is to ban fracking or any other exploration for gas or oil on federal lands.  He explicitly said during the campaign that he wouldn’t do that.  The impact on jobs and on federal and state revenues is massive, not to mention on our energy independence.  As I said, the faster this senile boob destroys the economy, the sooner we get back to policy sanity.  He also said he wanted to get children back to school, but this week he made it clear that teacher union contributions are more important to him than children’s education and lives.  I wonder how many children have to die before he changes his mind, or will he even be aware that they are dying, often as suicides or overdoses.

A number of members of the president’s party have suggested that anyone who voted for the prior President or frankly, anyone who disagrees with them, should be deprogrammed at educational camps and suffer all manner of other unpleasant consequence.  We already have Mao-style re-education programs; they are called public schools and universities.  The level of sheer brainwashing and indoctrination in these institutions is frightening and responsible for the pathetic state we are currently in, where people blindly follow whatever blithering lunacy comes out of our political leaders’ and so-called experts’ mouths.  Zero ability to think for one’s-self and to engage in real critical thinking or analysis.  Young people are unfortunately the worst offenders and they will also pay the heaviest price.  A society based on lies, dies.

I have also had the unpleasant duty of continuing to catch up on Minnesota briefings.  Having listened to hours now of the Incompetent Buffoon, all you can expect is a literal blizzard of words designed to never take responsibility for things like a botched vaccine rollout, to always blame other people, to spread lies and misinformation, especially about anyone who in any manner takes him to task for his administration’s failures.  And that is what we got in this series of briefings.

On January 15 our illustrious Incompetent Blowhard spread a serious of lies about supposed insurrection and promoted an irrational fear about hypothetical danger to the state capital and his administration.  This was pure political theater.  There was no threat and nothing, absolutely nothing, ever occurred.  Unlike the riots that destroyed Minneapolis and St. Paul this summer, which the IB did his best to ignore.  And he got all hissy about the supposed disastrous federal epidemic response and vaccine rollout.  Since a number of states have managed to do a good job getting the vaccine out, especially to the vulnerable, this too was nothing but political theatrics, designed to cover up for the complete incompetence of the IB personally and his administration.  This guy is a disgraceful jackass.  Every day we get a new plan to create faster vaccine distribution, since they were so obviously completely unprepared for the logistics of distribution or prioritization of vaccination.

He made mention of how he couldn’t give up his emergency powers because his great actions have led to fewer cases and deaths than we see in North or South Dakota or Iowa.  Funny how he didn’t mention Wisconsin, which happens to have a governor, another IB, from his party, but is the most analogous state to Minnesota and one which has a lower case and per capita death rate than we do, despite a less restrictive set of mitigation measures.  And he certainly didn’t mention Florida, which has a similar rate, with a pretty much completely open state, including letting children go to real school and keeping the economy humming.  And no mention of Sweden either, which has an identical experience to Minnesota, but also with far fewer restrictions.  Interesting how selective his examples are.  If he spent as much time on actually thinking about and responding competently to the epidemic as he does on messaging, we would all be a lot better off.

Now he proposes a mammoth tax increase.  Minnesotans have endured hefty tax increases over the last decade, and somehow we just keep needing more and more.  The money is going down a rathole and wealthy Minnesotans are heading for Florida and other low-tax states.  The IB as usual lies about the state’s financial situation.  Minnesota’s money isn’t going for roads or better schools; it is wasted on excessive government employee spending and social programs that do nothing to actually improve people’s lives.  Fraud is rampant and there is no effort to prevent it.  His administration has made no effort at all, not the slightest, most miniscule attempt to identify areas where spending might actually be cut or to prevent fraud.

And my friend Scott Johnson continues to get the most nonsensical answers from the Department of Health in regard to serious questions about the handling of the epidemic in Minnesota.  I won’t replicate the full answers here, I think you can find them on the Powerline Blog, but reading the responses only affirms the clear sense of pervasive incompetence across the IB’s administration.  The first question was on why Minnesota is doing no better than places like Sweden and Florida despite a far more stringent lockdown response.  After a bunch of waffling about numbers, we hear that we should be careful about comparing ourselves to other places.  Sorry, but I believe the IB repeatedly does that when he thinks it is to his advantage, frequently referencing Iowa and the Dakotas.  But the best part is then saying well, we shouldn’t just look at deaths but other measures.  Minnesota looks the same based on cases or hospitalizations as it does on per capita deaths.  And here is a quote, my favorite part:  “In MN, through the actions we have taken, we have managed, so far, to avoid the kinds of surges in cases that have overwhelmed hospitals and ICUs in other locations.”  It is only because they know that have a completely loyal and cowed media that they believe they can get away with these lies.  First, nowhere in the US have hospitals or ICUs been overwhelmed.  That is a complete lie.  Second, the IB, to justify his last round of shutdowns, specifically cited the fact that Minnesota’s case surge at the time was among the worst in the country.  And if you look at the charts, you can see that our case surge was exactly that, and was exactly identical to what occurred elsewhere.  I have repeatedly printed those charts.

Next question related to PCR and antigen tests and the CDC study warning about accuracy of tests.  More gibberish, including a denial that culturing is the best way to determine actual infectiousness.  That was astounding.  They literally said that it is “common that samples taken from a person with a presumed high-viral load will not be culture positive”.  As usual, you have to stop and think for a minute about the sheer breadth of ignorance in that statement.  What does it mean to have a “presumed” high-viral load?  How can it be presumed?  If you have a PCR test with a low cycle number, you probably don’t need to presume that they have a high-viral load.  If you don’t have that test result, what other basis would you have for the “presumption”?   I am unaware of any study that finds that people with a PCR test with a low cycle number, which clearly correlates with viral load, don’t culture positively.  I am unaware of an expert who would say anything other than that culturing is the real gold standard for determining presence of viable virus.  I am aware of lots of studies saying that cycle number is correlated with viral load and with the likelihood of culturing viable virus.  I am also aware that the people answering these questions at DOH are incompetent morons.

And the last question asked why residents of long-term care facilities would not be the absolute top priority for vaccination.  More waffling–blame it on the feds, other groups are also a priority, etc.

Just another day in paradise.

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  • MIKE TIMMER says:

    I close on a new home in southern Mississippi on March 26th. Goodbye and good luck to all who can’t or won’t leave. I’ve only got 10 or 15 years ahead of me and I can’t see things changing in Minnesota in any significant way in that time frame. The whole country is in a sorry state and I’ve selected what I think is best for me. But, those of us of a certain persuasion will have to find someplace to “hide” for a good long time given the brain-washing of the young that you identify. Keep up the good work; I intend to keep reading until you’re shut down.

  • R Alanko says:

    I note your IB hasn’t changed his tune although MN is 2 months after peak (looks to be 11/20 on Worldometer). As far as vaccines MN is 43rd! How did the Feds mess up what MN did with the vaccine? Here in Oregon, we started poorly but our governess got into gear(surprisingly) so we’ve caught up with most of the US.
    I keep an eye on MN as i have two sons in Minneapolis who are drinking the IB’s Kool-aide. Love your blog!

  • Barb says:

    When it comes to lying, 45 takes the prize,

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