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“Long” Covid Is Illusory?

By March 16, 2024Commentary

Long-time readers know that since it was first coined, I have referred to “long” CV-19 as mythical.  There have been several pieces of research supporting that view and a new one from Australia has received a fair amount of attention, but just restates what is already known.  There are two reasons why long CV-19 is nonsense and two why it continues to be pimped by many.  The reasons it is nonsense are 1) all respiratory virus infections leave some people with lingering symptoms and 2) a significant part of the population complains constantly of the same symptoms, whether they have been infected or not.  And it keeps getting pushed by the media and others because 1) doctors make a lot of money treating supposed sufferers, so have every incentive to say it exists and diagnose it frequently and 2) a lot of people can use it as an excuse to get sympathy and to go on disability, not work, and so on, which we see from an increasing proportion of the population in any event.  We have a free-riding population and medical industry problem in this country.  The new study from Australia just reinforces the data showing no difference between CV-19 and other respiratory infections in regard to lasting symptoms, and that many people are malingers who always have symptoms of something.  When the actual study is out I will post on it, but meanwhile here is a story on the research.  (Long CV-19 Story)

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  • Joe K says:

    The vast majority of “long covid” is the continuation of poor health that existed before covid with the only difference is that they can now blame covid for their bad health that existed before covid.

  • Cliff Hadley says:

    Long covid? What a crock. As Mr. Roche says, all respiratory illnesses can have lingering symptoms, something doctors have known for more than a hundred years. But we live in a culture where facts don’t matter any more.

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