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Vaccine Safety

By February 25, 2024Commentary

Okay, they won’t pay any attention to it, because it involves real data and analysis, but here is another large study on vaccine safety.  It is an international study from 8 countries on over 99 million people looking at 13 putative adverse events.  A safety signal is calculated by comparing expected rates of an event with the actual ones observed following vaccine administration.  The now-withdrawn Astra-Zeneca vax had a safety signal for Guillane-Barre syndrome, brain clots and heart inflammation.  The mRNA vax had a safety signal for heart inflammation and inflammation of the myelin in certain nerve tissues.  All of these were previously identified in the research.  The absolute numbers of the events were low, so low as to be quite rare in the context of the number of vaccinated persons.  (Vax Article)

I regret having to bring a dose of unpleasant reality once again to the vaccine conspiracy theorists who believe that zillions of people are dying from the CV-19 vax.  But reality is reality.

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  • Neil Horn says:

    And I’m still not getting vaccinated. Ever. Are you?

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I got two doses and a booster, nothing more than a sore arm, but no point in getting any more once I saw the effectiveness data. And I didn’t get CV-19 until this past fall, despite not wearing a mask, seeing family and friends all the time and traveling a lot, generally not doing anything different than normal. But I suspect that was as much a strong immune system as the vax. As I have repeatedly said, I see no reason for most people to get anymore doses, just pointless.

  • Dr. Jon says:

    Never is a long time. I am at five and still have not had a case at least that I know. If bug changes a lot and into mare dangerous form and new vaccines are designed against it I would probably get a shot but by time ther last one became available the extnant virus had 17 known mutations. Also I get sick for a day or two after every shot, so unless the new variant is danger thenew vax can credibly lessen I woudl pass on it. I might also take one if the technology were significantly improved. Newer seems stupid.

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