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If the Media Reported Actual Research, Everyone Would Know There Is No Science Behind the Warming Climate Scam

By February 22, 2024Commentary

What is truly hilarious, if you have a warped sense of humor is that the CO2 mythologic global warming pushed by whacko hysterics is being used by rich people to get even richer from government subsidies and wasted spending.  Meanwhile if you look at all, the research case for they hysteria is non-existent.  Sometime ago, research was being published that showed an inconsistent link between CO2 levels and temperature, with some studies even showing that temperature rose before CO2 and fell before CO2.  Here is an example, a study published in the thoroughly woke and climate hysterical Nature, one of two formerly pre-eminent science magazines, the other being the now ironically named Science.  This study notes that on long time scales, any apparent association between a rise in CO2 and a rise in temperature breaks down and even inverts.  (Nature Study)

As I have said repeatedly, if you want the truth, or at least to understand that the science isn’t settled, you just have to look a little and you can find it.  And if you think climate models have even the slightest relationship to reality, you are delusional, so you fit right in with the models.  Here is yet another in a long line of papers demonstrating that models consistently show much higher temperatures and other weather and climate parameters than actually exist.  It demonstrates that the climate models show a far greater rise in humidity than actually occurs in arid and semi-arid areas of the earth, which covers a lot of the surface, think Australia for example.  This is important because that rise in humidity is one of the supposed key positive feedbacks that will temperatures rise even more.  (PNAS Paper)

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  • David says:

    I’m going to relax a bit and set my Thermostat at 62°. Figure if John Kerry can keep his Mansions toasty warm then so can I.

  • John Oh says:

    You had me at models. They model the labor participation rates and the unemployment rates and economic growth rate, and they are always off, and always revised and have become almost humorous. If you can’t model and predict unemployment, how can you model something with infinite variables like weather, and some of the variables are not predictable — volcanoes and sun spotting for example. We’re doomed.

  • Sue Beer says:

    CO2 is plant food. End of story.

    • L. Earl Watkins, Jr. says:

      Truth. CO2 is not only a plant food, but plants thrive – they produce more fruit or grain and do so using less water! True scientists would extol the virtues of higher CO2. And, by the way, any climate warming, which occurs naturally, is better for life.

  • Sue Beer says:

    CO2 is plant food. End of story

  • L. Earl Watkins, Jr. says:

    Correct; and CO2 is not only a plant food, the plants thrive, produce more fruit and grain and do so using less water! Keep speaking truth!!

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