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The Real Subversion of Democracy, Part One Million

By January 13, 2024Commentary

The Democrat party, and particularly its progressive component, which dominates the party now, will do anything to win.  Achieving and maintaining power is everything and nothing is out of bounds in doing that.  Get your opponents thrown off the ballot, lie about them, violate campaign funding laws, make up fake voters, get non-citizens to vote, and on and on.  Nothing is too sleazy or reprehensible, because, of course, they know what is best for everyone and they have to be given the chance to force it down our throats.  This latest rant on the obvious is sparked by the news that the Minnesota teachers’ union has been caught explicitly cheating and asking its component groups to cheat in regard to campaign financing rules and school board elections.  The teachers’ unions are terrified that parents might actually elect school boards that hold teachers accountable for education their children, so they try to elect puppets who will pay teachers a fortune without regard to the quality of their work and who will allow the indoctrination of children into future Democrat voters.  Parents need to wake up and fight this with all their heart and soul.  (Am. Ex. Article)

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