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Health Care Is Dangerous Too

By January 11, 2024Commentary

You have some health need and you go to a doctor or an emergency room or a hospital and you think you are going to be treated in a manner that improves your health and cures your illness, but amazingly, seeing a health care provider often leads to other health problems or exacerbates your condition.  Health care can be difficult, diagnosis isn’t often easy, surgery can be delicate and tricky, figuring out what to prescribe as a treatment is complex.  But like any profession, health care providers aren’t always competent and can make mistakes.  A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association  shows how widespread errors can be.  Among hospitalized adults who died in the hospital or were transferred to the ICU, 23% had a diagnostic error, and in the great majority of those patients, the error caused harm to the patient, and in 7% the error contributed to the patient’s death.  And this is just for diagnostic errors.  (JAMA Study)

And it isn’t going to get better.  Like all professional schools at universities, medical schools have been taken over by woke ideology and DEI.  Less qualified candidates are being admitted and graduated and licensed.  They are being taught to treat patients not as individuals, but according to their race, sex, sexual orientation, or other characteristic.  So you can expect a lot more mistakes, a lot more deaths that could have been avoided.  My advice to anyone seeking health care–look for an older doctor and look for one educated in the South, the Southwest, or the Rocky Mountain states, where DEI and wokeness have been slower to infiltrate and degrade the education process.  But also be an informed consumer, read up on your condition and be very, very vigilant.

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  • Jim says:

    I would also recommend trying to find a doctor in a practice where the practice is not owned by a big hospital.

  • Ann in L.A. says:

    Actually, AI is making inroads here. I saw one study of a woman who came into the ER repeatedly over the course of years. She came in for a lot of gastro issues, as well as other things. An AI analyzed her visits, and within the first few, diagnosed domestic abuse. It took humans years before they figured that out. Today, Instapundit linked to a story about pancreatic cancer being diagnosed early through AI. Imaging is also increasingly AI supported. Every week seems to bring new medical insights from AI. AI is a pattern-seeking engine, which seems well suited to a lot of medicine.

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