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Greenland Isn’t So Green

By March 7, 2023Commentary

One of the climate whackos favorite themes is that all the ice near the poles is melting.  They have been saying it will disappear in ten years for 30 years.  It hasn’t changed a bit.  Antarctica really drives them crazy, because total ice mass is actually increasing there.  The North Pole similarly resists imaginary global warming, but there isn’t much ice there to begin with.  So they pimp Greenland, which has a lot of ice as the source of their fantasies about sea rise.  Unfortunately, ice mass in Greenland isn’t changing either.   Ice melting or accretion in any given year any where is highly variable, so the long term trend is what matters.  The whackos seize on any year when there is high melting and of course ignore the actually more frequent years when there is ice growth.  Multiple studies, very inconvenient for the climate emergency crowd, shows nothing unusual in ice mass trends for decades.  This study also shows, despite the authors attempts to use various “adjustment” techniques to boost raw temperature data, that by and large Greenland hasn’t warmed in the last 60 years, which would explain why there is no massive ice loss.  Temperature swings appear to be dominated by natural processes and consistent with natural variability, as they are around the world.  The CO2 hypothesis is a load of bunk, regularly disproved by nature.  And all the models and adjustments to raw data in the world won’t change that.  (Greenland Study)


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  • Blackwing1 says:

    The Norse colonized Iceland (which was warm) and Greenland (which was colder) in the early 900-AD’s. On Greenland they planted crops, and also planted oak trees for the future of ship-building on the big island.

    Along came the 1300’s and the Little Ice Age; the Greenland colonies were abandoned since they could no longer grow crops there. A friend of mine stationed at the US airbase in Thule (Greenland) said that they used to joke that, “There’s a beautiful woman behind every tree in Greenland”. It was a joke since there ARE no trees in Greenland any more.

    The planet started warming up in the early 1700’s, and you could no longer skate on the Dutch canals in winter.

    The sun’s been warming up the planet since the end of the Little Ice Age; that’s actual climate change. On a much longer time-scale we’ve been warming up since the last Ice Age (10,000 or 12,000 years ago). The claim that they can find an “anthropogenic signal” buried in temperature data is absolute BS, but since the overwhelming number of people are effectively innumerate (thank the government school systems for the last 60 years) they can’t quite figure this out.

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