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The Subversion of Democracy

By August 23, 2022Commentary

Update:  Look in the comments for more information about the hearing.  Several readers graciously provided excellent information.

Our whacko pro-regressive friends like to whine about democracy under assault.  It is.  By them.  Rich people give a tremendous amount of money to these nuts who want us back in the Stone Age, far more than conservatives have to oppose the candidates and their policies that are surely and quickly destroying the quality of life in America.  For rich people, buying a candidate or a policy is a trophy, like a $100 million Palm Beach or Malibu house or a $250 million superyacht. They never have to live with the consequences of what they spend money promoting.

George Soros should be jailed, or better yet, forced to live the rest of his life on the streets of San Francisco.  He single-handedly is responsible, and I mean responsible, for the deaths of thousands of minorities by murder and drug overdoses.  George doesn’t think we need police or prosecutors.  He thinks we need people who ignore even the most violent crime and actively encourage criminals to continue their misdeeds.  I am a big believer that whomsoever brings a policy into place knew and intended all its consequences.  The Soros prosecutors are beginning to get booted out of office, but the damage they have done is immense.  Other rich people have contributed to this lunacy.

Not satisfying with making no American city, or suburb for that matter, safe; the whackos have a new strategy–use the administrative state and its professional licensing authority to forcibly impose racist and divisive policies like Critical Race Theory and childhood destroying insanity like their gender ideology on every person who wants a license to practice a profession.  Tomorrow, Wednesday, there will be a hearing in Minnesota on a Department of Education proposal to force all teachers to adhere to, espouse and teach these looney-tunes theories which have not a shred, a single iota, of basis in research or science.  You literally will not be able to be a teacher in a public, private or religious school in Minnesota unless you meet that requirement.

I encourage everyone of you who can to go to this hearing, to attend it virtually, to write complaints about the proposed rule and to harass Little Timmy Walz at the State Fair about why he is forcing this.  Of course after his recent public experiences I doubt the cowardly weasel will even show his face at the Fair.  He certainly wasn’t going to debate Scott Jensen again after he got creamed in their last debate.  Sen. Jensen’s website has information on how to attend, in-person or virtually, the hearing.

I have no hope that whatever is done in protest will make a difference.  The teachers’ union and its allies have already bought the Governor and the Department of Education.  But it is important to take a stand and to cause enough of a ruckus that maybe even the Star Tribune has to cover it.  The proponents of these policies try to enact them under cover of darkness because they know how outraged most citizens are by them.  And don’t for a minute think this is not happening in every state and for every profession–doctors, lawyers, accountants, even barbers and veterinarians.  No one is safe from the pro-regressive onslaught.

And the complete inability to tolerate any dissent, any deviation from whacko totalitarianism is the surest sign of just how crazy the policies are.  People who are truly comfortable in their beliefs, and that is all pro-regressivism is, don’t have a problem with hearing different opinions and letting the public have a say in what policies are adopted.  But pro-regressives won’t do that because, imagine if you will, how badly a proposal like this teacher licensing one would be defeated at the ballot box.

The good news, if there is any, is that word does get out; that people like me will stand up and will spend money to fight back.  And we will win, this proposal, for example, is a clearly unconstitutional forcing of selected political speech.  It won’t stand a chance in court.  And the public is clearly disenchanted with what happens with these policies.  You may have noticed that the more critical race theory is pushed, the more divisiveness and racism we have.  It is no accident that we have a massive surge in crimes by African-Americans against Asians and Caucasians.

So again, inform yourself in your state and local government and school boards about what is being pushed by the whack jobs and fight, fight, fight against it with every fiber of your being.  This is just another attempt to subvert the democratic process by using the administrative state to adopt and enforce policies that never, never would be accepted by the citizenry if permitted to vote upon it.  Our democracy needs defending all right, defending against the pro-regressives.



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  • Chris says:

    Link to the MN professional licensing standards hearing on August 24th at 9am:

  • Steve says:

    Please provide a link to directions on how to attend. I have been unsuccessfully searching for it.

  • Steve says:

    Found the information on Dr. Jensen’s Facebook page:

    PELSB has scheduled a virtual hearing on the proposed changes to the rules for Wednesday, August 24, 2022, beginning at 9:00 a.m.

    How to join the hearing

    For a video and audio connection, join the hearing though an internet connection, such as with a computer or tablet:

    Enter or

    Meeting number: 2487 718 8093

    Password: PELSB

    For audio connection only, join the hearing by phone:

    Call: 1-855-282-6330 (US Toll Free)

    Access code: 24877188093#73572#

    How to participate at the hearing

    You and all interested or affected persons may participate at the hearing.

    To speak during the rules hearing, you will use the “chat feature” to notify the meeting host. You do not need to sign up to speak in advance of the hearing. For the best quality, PELSB staff recommends you use a computer to participate in the hearing (rather than connect via phone).

  • Steve says:

    One more comment. To see what Kevin is talking about, follow the link below to “the amendments to Minnesota Rules, chapter 8710. Chapter 8710 contains the state’s licensure rules for teachers, including the requirements to obtain and renew teaching licenses and permissions. Additionally, chapter 8710 contains the required pedagogical standards (“Standards of Effective Practice”) for teachers and license-specific standards.”
    Proposed amendments are found here:

    Once at the link, search the document for “cultural”. You’ll find wonderful things like:
    “The teacher understands that knowledge creation, ways of knowing, and
    teaching are social and cultural practices shaped by race and ethnicity, often resulting in
    racially disparate advantages and disadvantages.”

    “The teacher understands how ethnocentrism, eurocentrism, deficit-based
    teaching, and white supremacy undermine pedagogical equity.”

  • N.S. Palmer says:

    It’s been coming for a long time. Here’s philosopher Bertrand Russell writing in the 1930s:

    “I am persuaded that there is absolutely no limit to the absurdities that can, by government action, come to be generally believed.

    Give me an adequate army, with power to provide it with more pay and better food than falls to the lot of the average man, and I will undertake, within thirty years, to make the majority of the population believe that two and two are three, that water freezes when it gets hot and boils when it gets cold, or any other nonsense that might seem to serve the interest of the State.

    Of course, even when these beliefs had been generated, people would not put the kettle in the refrigerator when they wanted it to boil. That cold makes water boil would be a Sunday truth, sacred and mystical, to be professed in awed tones, but not to be acted on in daily life. What would happen would be that any verbal denial of the mystic doctrine would be made illegal, and obstinate heretics would be ‘frozen’ at the stake. No person who did not enthusiastically accept the official doctrine would be allowed to teach or to have any position of power. Only the very highest officials, in their cups, would whisper to each other what rubbish it all is; then they would laugh and drink again.

    This is hardly a caricature of what happens under some modern governments. The discovery that man can be scientifically manipulated, and that governments can turn large masses this way or that as they choose, is one of the causes of our misfortunes. There is as much difference between a collection of mentally free citizens and a community molded by modern methods of propaganda as there is between a heap of raw materials and a battleship.”

    — Bertrand Russell, “An Outline of Intellectual Rubbish”

  • Rob says:

    And the news outlets report on a teacher shortage like it’s a surprise. It is by design.

  • JT says:

    People need to start voting with their feet, not just their mouths. The only reason left to subject your child to the garbage education offered in the government system is because it’s easier for you. If that’s what’s motivating you, you deserve what you get, a high probability of a kid that’s going to be a burden on you and our society for the rest of their lives. Walk away, your life and their future depends on changing the system from within. The goal should be to have 20% the number of government school close each year until it becomes a dead institution. Your kids can’t make that happen, you can !

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