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Jan Malcolm Whines and Lies

By August 6, 2022Commentary

The lead editorial in Saturday’s Star Tribune, our truly disgraceful local Minneapolis paper, which avoids ever telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and has allowed its ideological editors to force every “news” story to be woke and in support of the whacko progressive movement, is about the supposed mis-treatment of public health officials during the epidemic.  In it, Jan Malcolm, our alleged commissioner of public health, whines about having post-traumatic stress disorder from the abuse directed at her.  I have news for you Jan, you shameless promoter of lies, misinformation and policies which destroyed the lives of Minnesotans, you traumatized the entire state.  You were the head cheerleader for the Incompetent Blowhard Walz’ terror campaign and the implementer of policies which ruined public health.

Your policies and actions caused the following, and much more:

  1.  You forced thousands of nursing home residents to be isolated from what little social contact they had.  These residents then gave up, developed what is euphemistically referred to as “failure to thrive” syndrome and died.  You compiled one of the worst records in the country in regard to nursing home deaths and serious illness.
  2. Your constant harping on danger and safety led hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans to miss needed health care, including child immunizations, leading to sharp rises in serious disease and to increases in death from causes such as dementia, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.   We will pay the price for this terror campaign for years to come.
  3. Your policies caused a sharp increase in deaths from drug and alcohol abuse.  You supported open-border policies which allowed enormous quantities of fentanyl and other dangerous drugs to flood into our communities, you supported destroying effective police forces to stop this flow of drugs and you have done nothing, absolutely nothing to limit the use of these drugs.  Adolescents, young adults and minorities are most at risk due to your policies and inaction.
  4. You supported and enforced school closures which destroyed the educational and social lives of Minnesota’s children, and led to thousands of minority children simply dropping out of school.
  5. You supported lockdowns which disrupted all Minnesotans lives, leading to the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs and the closure of tens of thousands of businesses, resulting in financial and mental health distress.
  6. You constantly provided misleading and incomplete information to the public and continue to do so to this day.  You have been more interested in giving out only what data supports your messages as opposed to the truth.  You suppressed a study on the ineffectiveness of masks.  You refused to release communications with teachers’ unions showing that your school closure policies were just payback for campaign contributions to Walz and Democrats.  You hid data showing that most hospitalizations attributed to CV-19 were not primarily for treatment of that condition.  You supported crazy approaches to attributing deaths to CV-19.  You continue to refuse to provide full data on breakthrough infections and reinfections that would allow an honest assessment of vaccine effectiveness and immunity from prior infection.
  7. You lied about vaccine effectiveness and supported vaccine mandates which worsened health care staffing problems and led to worse health care.  Your policies caused many workers to lose jobs even though they were no more likely to get infected or to transmit than were persons who were vaccinated.

In short, you are guilty of ignoring the overall public health and spreading coronamonomania.  Far from improving outcomes in Minnesota, whether from CV-19 or other diseases, you worsened them.  So spare us your self-pity, Ms. Malcolm, and think about how you might atone for all the harm you have done to Minnesotans.  You could start by quitting your position and volunteering to help restore the learning loss you caused to our children.

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  • Gary Boyd says:

    Why would normal Minnesotan parents want anyone like her anywhere near their children?

  • Greg says:

    [Mic drop]

  • Joe Lampe says:

    Having discontinued our StarTribune subscription several years ago, I sleep much better. The insane Covid news and editorial content was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I found myself rewriting every news story and editorial (Covid and others) to remove the narrative. I frequently advise others to cancel their newspaper and turn off the TV because so little content is useful and truthful.

  • DuluthGuy says:

    Don’t forget about her arguing that youth sports were a cause of elderly people getting sick and that they needed to “sell” that idea to the public.

  • Stacey Other (Specify) Atneosen says:


  • Dan says:

    Didn’t you hear? It’s only ok to harass Supreme Court justice’s and anyone that disagrees with public officials.

  • Jim Brown says:

    It would be helpful to this Nebraska Cornhusker if you would list a source or two for each of the numbered actions, inactions or misactions attributed to her. Thanks.

  • James H. Steiger says:

    Congratulations on this powerful, detailed indictment of a “public health” official who hasn’t a clue how to do her job properly. Naturally, any criticism of her is “harassment,” and she’s probably lobbying for PTSD compensation as I write this. The question is, how long will Minnesotans stay asleep at the wheel?

  • Bill Schroeder says:

    Would love to see this as a letter to the editor and distributed to ask the local newspapers as well. Thank you Kevin for your raw honesty.

  • Rob says:

    It cannot be overstated how useless and counterproductive public health bureaucrats are. They have harped for a few decades about drug abuse being a public health issue. If it is, their policy prescriptions have utterly failed. And you can rest assured that whatever mild successes they do have – like childhood immunization – they will overdo to the point of abuse. They are simply incapable of understanding the concept of dosage. Their attitude is “ten vaccines worked well so 60 vaccines will be even better and perpetual boosters will be even more better!” They have become just another class of drug pushers.

  • Jones says:

    Wait til more truth about C19 comes out. This is only the tip of the iceberg. She may wish she had taken your advice.

  • Chris says:

    El Gato Malo posted a similar, excellent article today about public health,

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