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Emperor Fauci, Lord of the “Science”

By July 26, 2022Commentary

I knew the first time I saw this pompous, egomaniacal jackass that he would be nothing but trouble for the citizenry, and he has fully lived up to expectations.  In several recent TV interviews, one of which was a disaster because he was challenged instead of fawned over, Lord Fauci has fully revealed what a disgracefully incompetent but patronizing, sanctimonious asshole he is.  This guy was a lifelong government bureaucrat for a reason–he gets paid a fortune, will have a huge pension and he never accomplishes anything, in fact he routinely makes whatever he works on worse.  Only in government can you hit the lottery like this.

In a Fox interview, Emperor Fauci was stumped by some hard questioning.  Okay, not hard questions, but real questions.  (Fox Video) The King of Epidemiology is easily irritated it turns out, by anyone who suggests he may have made a mistake or perhaps doesn’t understand epidemics as well as he should for someone who has been at it for so long.  He even looks annoyed on this clip that anyone could possible question anything he does.  He avoids a direct answer to the question of why we have vaccine or mask mandates.  He tries to pretend he never claimed vaccines would stop infections and transmission, and was played clips showing him saying just that.  He then says that, well, the virus evolved.  This supposedly superstar epidemiologist didn’t know that respiratory viruses might mutate and change.  He changed his story for the 100th time on the origin of the virus.

In a Q & A on his favorite channel, CNN, Tsar Fauci reacted to Sen. Paul’s intent to investigate him by saying he only recommended “common-sense” measures that “saved millions of lives”.  I rolled on the floor and nearly drowned with hysterical tears.  Can you be more grandiose?  Fauci must be a parody of the prototypical clueless government official; he can’t be real.

Asked about school lockdowns on a CNN show, he claimed he was never in favor of school lockdowns and believed we should keep them open “safely”.  That is untrue as you can find multiple clips of him supporting lockdowns and even recently he has said that we made a big mistake by not locking down harder, faster.  He also would clearly make people wear 20 masks all the time, despite evidence during the epidemic that he ignored this himself when enjoying a baseball game and in other settings.   Here he also claims that he was shocked to learn that immunity, whether from infection or a vaccination, might wane.  Uhhh, pretty standard immunology, Doc.  But he is a great, although unintentional comedian, as he states that he always listens to his detractors and the public.  Watch this particular clip to get a sense of what a mendacious piece of work he is.  (Rising Clip)

The real issue is that this genius is just stupid.  He is completely ignorant of basic epidemiology, virology and immunology.  Anyone with any common sense understanding of respiratory viruses and the epidemics they cause would have said–“guys, we are in for a tough time here, there is really no way to suppress a respiratory virus, so let’s don’t do extensive damage by going that futile route.  Let’s keep people in the normal routines, especially children as much as possible.  Let’s get a vaccine as soon as we can, but be realistic about the likelihood that a vaccine will provide any lasting protection.  We need to accept and adapt as best we can.  Humanity has survived many other respiratory viruses it will survive this one.”  Oh and he might have not funded gain of function research on coronaviruses in Chinese labs.

Among other things Fauci is a liar.  He routinely, as the examples I give here demonstrate, misleads about what he said or recommended earlier in the epidemic, then turns right around and in a forum he perceives as far friendlier, recommends exactly the same thing he denied favoring before.  This absolute scumbag, this epitome of a scumbag, should be forced to go on a tour of America and made to run gauntlets through citizens who can jeer him, throw used masks and vaccination needles at him and otherwise humiliate him.  It would be small recompense for the damage he has done to the country, to public health, to science, and most of all, to children.

And here is an update, Townhall compiles all the times Fauci did in fact advocate for lockdowns, including school closures.  (TH Article)

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  • Edward says:

    That about sums-up the diabolical Imp! I notice the Imp is no longer putting-on his idiotic sinister elfin grin. For the remainder of his homicidal life, the runt cowardly wimpy Imp should be sentenced to cleaning bed pans in prison hospital–without gloves or mask..piece of shit!

  • itellu3times says:

    Yes, he lies. Everyone in “public health” lies. They consider it a prime component of their jobs.
    What Fauci knows and what he doesn’t know is a tricky question. He’s very old. Lots of what we all know thanks to COVID is “science” that has evolved since he was in school. His main job for the last three years has been to scare people so they’d go for the shots. That’s the only “motivation” one can find for him ignoring natural immunity the whole time, and all the issues of T-cells and stuff, much less vitamins C and D, and yes HCQ and Ivermectin (though frankly I’m not really convinced by either or both, but he prevented anyone from *looking* at them).
    So his predilection for lying tends to obscure what he actually know something about.

  • beckster says:

    BRAVO, Kevin, wish we all could shout what you said from the rooftops.

  • Mark Reimann says:

    He deserves every bit of scorn you prescribe here in this excellent lambasting.

  • debra krupp says:

    Bravo! I didn’t trust Fauci right from the start. If only President Trump had recognized what he was dealing with when he put Fauci front and center.

    • Edward says:

      Blame Pres Ronald Reagan! He hired the diabolical imp. The Imp ass-kissed his way to the top…curried favor with Bush Sr & Jr, Clintons, et al. He is a modern day part Cromwell part Court Jester! Also, this covid/vaccine debacle evolves from Hepatitis transmissions studies in 1942–Military & Public Health Service, Rockefeller Institute–botched “yellow fever” vaccine–1942 newly emerging biomedical elite created hepatitis epidemic among military–that episode is blueprint for C-19 jab.

  • Hal Dall MD says:

    He is not an epidemiologist, he just plays one on TV.

  • James L. Edholm says:

    It is, indeed, sad that Trump unleashed this idiot on us. Too bad he didn’t make Scott Atlas the “Science Czar.”

  • Dino Diamond says:

    Superb opening paragraph! The ruling class strikes again.

  • Rob says:

    You are being far too kind to him when you realize that 1) he is the highest-paid federal bureaucrat, and 2) he is in charge of doling out billions in grant money to academia. I know a few people in academia that realize their job is to curry favor with Fauci and his underlings to grab that government research lucre; his cult of personality began in that guise and only got larger during the panicdemic.

  • Richard Berger says:

    That video is a great example of the bureaucratic approach to not answering direct questions. Bury them under a torrent of bullshit and evasion.

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