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For All the 2020 Election Fraud Enthusiasts

By April 2, 2022Commentary

I am a pretty libertarian, free market person, so most people would view that as being pretty conservative.  I certainly don’t in any manner support whacko progressives, who are slowly but surely destroying the country.  But I have no patience for those who want to endlessly prattle on about fraud in the 202o election and how it was stolen, etc.  Its over and that focus just detracts from delivering a message that wins future elections.  Non-conservatives rejoice when they see that inability to move on, because they know it helps them.

But there clearly were problems not just in 2020 but for decades with our voting system.  It is pretty simple to avoid fraud, but Democrats want to make it easy to cheat because they are the cheaters.  And this study, which is peer-reviewed and published by a whacko progressive organization–SSRN–pretty clearly shows the level of cheating that Democrats engaged in in 2020.  Using some solid methods, the author shows it is pretty much impossible that some of the voting patterns occurred in the absence of fraud.  (SSRN Study)

So the real question is what do we do about it?  A number of swing states with high levels of Democrat cheating have already tightened up on abusive practices.  Personally I don’t think that is enough.  We need to switch to an election period that is at least a week and another weekend long; everyone must vote in person unless they absolutely can’t and any non-in person votes must be witnessed by at least two representatives of different parties;  there should be one national voter role which every jurisdiction must use and which gives a voter a unique identifier so that attempts to cast duplicate votes in multiple jurisdictions are prevented; the voter roles must at some point show proof of citizenship for every voter; every voter must present an id with his or her unique identifier, voting should be on paper ballots that can be audited, and so on.  It is a disgrace that one of the world’s oldest continual democracy has one of the most fraud and abuse-prone voting systems.

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  • joe Kosanda says:

    ID requirements to vote – correct me if I am wrong – since the enactment of obamacare you cant get medical care , doctor appointment, hospital etc without some form of ID (with the possible exception of emergency care)

    Are there really than many people who dont have some form of ID?

  • MLR says:

    You must be a racist since you want voting to be honest and above board.

  • joe Kosanda says:

    During the Florida 2000 recount there was a lot of controversy over how to count those “dimpled ballots and hanging chad ballots”

    Just noting that it is very difficult to leave a hanging chad or a dimpled ballot when punching one ballot at a time

    but it is very easy to have dimpled ballots and hanging chads when punching multiple ballots at a time.

    the dimpled ballots and hanging chads were concentrated in democrat counties which were also the slowest to turn in those county results.

    Fraud maybe?

  • Blackwing1 says:

    Mr. Roche:

    There is an old legal axiom about courtroom behavior for lawyers that goes something like this:
    – If you are strong on the law, pound the law
    – If you are strong on the evidence, pound the evidence
    – If you are weak on both the law and the evidence, pound the table

    The Dem-wing of the UniParty has always chosen to attack the source of evidence rather than the evidence itself. In this case, since the author of the paper you reference is John Lott, they wil almost certainly attack the source. Lott came to prominence when he published his research on guns and gun laws (never having been previously a proponent of gun ownership), and later published his book, and then became a firearm owner as the result of his own research. As a pro-liberty, pro-self-protection researcher, he is clearly the enemy to the collectivists and must be treated as such. They will “pound the table” of this source of information rather than debate reality.

    I agree that the blatant 2020 election fraud (we watched it occur in real-time on C-SPAN) is water under the bridge. The key question now is: What EXACTLY are the Rep-wingers going to do about it?

    The obvious answer to actually preventing massive fraud was visible in the election in VA earlier this year. The Republican candidate had dozens of lawyers standing by, available to rush to the source of any election “dispute” (i.e., fraud). When the Dem-wing attempted shenanigans in the major county, the lawyers were on-site to put a stop to it, fix the “problem”, and prevent yet another stolen election fraud. Because once the votes are in and counted, it’s too late to do anything about it.

    If the Rep-wing were actually serious about preventing election fraud they would RIGHT NOW, this minute, be lining up dozens of lawyers in every “blue” state for the mid-terms this November. In the key states like CA and NY they would have at least a hundred lawyers waiting, their polished shoes next to their briefcases, ready to head to the site of the fraud and actively fight it there, on the spot. This is why the Dem-wing is currently demonizing any right-wing law firm, attempting to use terror tactics to prevent them from being hired by the Rep-wing.

    The fact that they have NOT done this (which needs to be organized and set up yesterday at the latest) tells you that the GOPe (establishment) is not really serious about fighting election fraud because they are content to be the losers in both the mid-term 2022’s and in the next presidential 2024 election. They are unwilling to kick over the apple cart of things as they are because they make such good losers. Like the Generals playing the Globe Trotters, they put on the appearance of having put up a good game, but always lose.

    This will not change until we primary out all of the GOPer’s and put in actual conservatives who will not “reach across the aisle”, or “compromise” with the evil that the Dem-wing has become. How can you “compromise” with someone who wishes to poison you? Take only a little of their poison? A typical Dem-wing initiative is to ask to cut off your head, and the GOPe “compromises” by offering them an leg…if they really fight, they’ll give them just the foot. The answer is to fight them every step of the way as they try to drag this country into the collectivist, statist, authoritarian dictatorship that is their ultimate goal.

  • JWS says:

    Sorry, Kevin, but the contrast between your first and second paragraphs might have made my head explode. As in, “I have no patience….But there clearly was fraud”. You can’t have it both ways, my friend…

    • Kevin Roche says:

      there can be fraud, but not enough to change the results, there is fraud in every election, not all perpetrated by Dems I am sure. We could avoid most of the suspicion, however, with a few simple changes, and those who resist those clearly are only interested in seeing more fraud. But my bigger point is people have to forget the last election, doesn’t help you win the next one

  • JW says:

    Just off top of my head…………….all 2020 examples…..
    – Clean every state voter roll, end constant democratic appealing of voter roll
    – End vote by mail
    – Laws that allow for a voter to be ‘indefinitely confined’ get jail time if they are lying (WI had 200k in 2020, up from 72k in 2016)
    – Vote harvesting enforcement
    – All dead voters votes should be thrown out
    – Vote harvesting at Nursing Homes on voters who are listed as ‘incompetent’ , votes thrown out, jail time.
    – Votes allowed, then found they were sent from an undisclosed parking lot thrown out, not kept
    – Ballots that were incorrectly filled out , then cleaned up by big city election officials so they count, need to be jailed/votes thrown out (Milwaukee admitted to this)
    – Cities/Mayors accepting $$$ millions from Mark Zuckerberg led groups, throwing the city clerk out days before and handing the direction of the election to a former Dem operative who controlled who could go near counted ballots……needs to be jailed, votes thrown out.
    – Ballot drop boxes used in 2020, now banned, that can never happen again
    – True forensic audit of all machines using trusted 3rd party, if cant agree on 3rd party, no machines

  • JT says:

    The fraudsters at the top need minions to execute at the ballot level. The only way to stop this is for each county involved (via evidence) to prosecute a worker-bee or two to the full extent of the law. Basically, and deservedly, ruin their lives. Jail time is tough on a family, kids, a career, and your future. Once the worker-bees figure out that this can happen to them, the problem will end.

    It was apparent in 2020 that the worker-bees all believed that they were protected from above. This is another layer of scum that needs to be exposed and treated as harshly as possible. Any voting jurisdiction that has a worker-bee go down automatically has the person in charge of that station go with them.

    Dishonesty in the voting system = jail time must be front and center of any ‘fix’ of the process.

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