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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 67

By December 11, 2021Commentary

Well, for reasons known only to my warped brain, I returned from sunny Florida to a snowstorm in Minnesota last nite and woke up this morning to shovel something like ten inches of snow.  And I returned to the insanity that is government in the state of Minnesota.  While we prosecute police, the criminals are running wild, carjacking a very elderly woman in the parking lot of a grocery store at a very upscale intersection in my very upscale suburb.  As long as progressives are in charge, no one is safe anywhere.

And I am astounded by how many people just resist the obvious conclusion that we can little to alter the course of the epidemic.  Virus gonna virus, as people said near the start.

The CDC has released a study on the first few cases in the US of the Moronic variant, which is already fading away in Africa and is just another example of media hype.  Almost all the cases, 80%, occurred in fully vaxed persons and a third were in those with a booster.  Out of 43 cases, one was hospitalized.   (CDC Article)

And this study gives further reason not to get hysterical about the Moronic variant, except as it exists in the progressive wing of the Democrat party.  The authors looked at whether the T cell protection from prior infection should block this supposedly terrible new variant and found that it would.  (Medrxiv Paper)

I have said multiple times we need chart reviews on hospitalizations, and deaths, to get at the truth of what is being attributed to CV-19.  This audit of ICU use in the UK isn’t really a full chart review, but does give a lot of data on ICU and hospital use.  Please note in particular that in recent weeks over 50% of ICU use has been by the fully vaxed.    (UK Audit)

Another study of breakthrough hospitalizations and deaths finds that being infected before being vaxed substantially lowers your risk of such events.  Out of a large population there were only 17,881 breakthrough infections identified.  There were 1121 hospitalizations and 138 deaths in this group.  So the hospitalization case rate was 6.3 per 100 people and the death rate was .77 per 100 people.  These risks rose with age and some comorbidities.  15% of the group had a prior infection and they had 1/2 the risk of hospitalization and one fourth the risk of death.  (Medrxiv Paper)

One more study finding that a breakthrough infection substantially boosted levels of immune response beyond that created by vaccination alone or infection alone.  (Medrxiv Paper)

And this study looked specifically at B and T cell responses for vaccination following infection and found that they were also higher than for vaccination or infection alone.  More exposures of any kind equals better protection.  (Medrxiv Paper)

This case control study from Sweden also looked at vaccine effectiveness and found the usual lessening by six months, especially among elderly persons.     (Medrxiv Paper)

This study from Canada in regard to the risk of heart inflammation following vaccination suggests that dose interval is a key factor and that spreading doses by an extended time, over 30 days, substantially reduces the risk, and it may also increase effectiveness.  (Medrxiv Paper)

And this paper identifies appendicitis as a potential risk following vaccination, which may be particularly relevant in regard to children, for whom vaccination is very minimally beneficial but in whom appendicitis can cause serious complications.  (NIH Paper)

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