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Per Capita Age Group Rates

By November 8, 2021Commentary

Been a while since Dave Dixon has updated out per capita age group rates.  What this analysis does is take the number of people in each age group in Minnesota and find the population-based rates for testing, cases, hospitalizations and deaths.  Just as the absolute number or proportion by age group shows, this analysis indicates two things are occurring, in direct contradiction to what the Incompetent Blowhard and the DOH are saying.  One is that any increase in “cases” among school age children is solely due to increased testing as schools opened.  We are not seeing any increase in real disease in this group.  The second is that very, very clearly serious disease among the most heavily vaxed groups–the elderly, has rebounded to prior levels after being suppressed by the vaccines in the spring.  Effectiveness in these groups against serious illness is essentially gone.  So keep lying Governor and DOH, but eventually the truth will come out.

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