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Wake-up Call?

By November 3, 2021Commentary

Yep, I was pretty happy with the election results yesterday.  It is a sign that a significant number of people in this country are not insane, even in New Jersey.  Although it is depressing that such a large number support policies which make their own standard of living maintain a steady decline and put the entire nation on the same course.

If you think this will serve as a wake-up call to the whacko pro-regressives running the Democrat party and the White House (How can this racist emblem not have been torn down or at least repainted by now?) you are very wrong.  Pro-regressivism is a lifestyle, it is a religion, it is a mental illness marked by delusion, self-loathing masochism and sadism in the desire to impose the same self-loathing even on one’s own children.  Hate your skin color, hate your religion, hate your gender, hate your sexual orientation.  It is no surprise childhood mental illness is at an all-time high.

The pro-regressives are incapable of rational thought when it comes to public policies.  They live in a fantasy land where the actual laws of economic behavior don’t apply.  And they can’t be taught a lesson or recognize an alarm bell going off.  They will attribute any loss to a failure to push their policies hard enough and to the racist, homophobic, xenophobic cretinism of those who don’t agree with them.  They won’t stop coming and neither can we.  They must be thrashed and squashed, not reasoned with.  The alternative is that we wake up in a country mocked by every other nation in the world, whose existence is endangered by foolish foreign and defense policy; one which pits people of every skin color, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation against each other; a nation divided and distressed, and one incapable of providing meaningful economic advancement to its people.  Oh wait, that is what we already have.

The fight, and that is what it is, has only begun.

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  • stevelevy3 says:

    Absolutely correct. We can either “thrash and squash” them, or let them destroy themselves without harming the rest of us.

    Which is why secession is the least violent option going forward. Not the best, but without a doubt the least violent.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I don’t actually think secession is a realistic option, as appealing as it may sound.

  • James L. Edholm says:

    Well said, Kevin!!

  • Joe Kosanda says:

    I agree – 48% of virginians still think socialism , progressive wokeness and racism is the better future

  • Peter says:

    Amen to that Kevin. Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re great at it

  • Paul Ashley says:

    “They must be thrashed and squashed, not reasoned with.”

    This is indeed where we are, but most GOP politicians, and probably half of GOP voters, don’t get it.

    Some Australians are crying out for help to “stand up” to the left, but merely standing up, especially there, may no longer be enough.

  • Alex says:

    The Liberals up here are exactly like the Democrats. And yes, it is all mental illness. That they claim Rachel-Richard Levine is the first Four Star Admiral woman is a riot. Every time I hear these anti-biology stories I keep thinking of Austin Powers when he said,’that’s a man, man’.

    I remember the old “liberalism is a mental illness”. People saw this coming years ago. Murphy is a complete nut job. He said if you don’t like high taxes then NJ isn’t for you. Pretty amazing though that people voted for him.

  • Godoggo says:

    Good afternoon Karl and this doesn’t need to be posted as it’s unrelated to the topic of your story. Just wanted to see what you thought about the following article concerning Western Australia which instituted wide ranging vaccination in anticipation of the wave which has hit the rest of Australia. There hospitals are being swamped. Mark McGowan, the premier of Western Australia – which has almost 3 million people – in an interview with Sky News Australia on Sun., Oct. 31. Here’s his exact quotation:

    “Our hospitals are under enormous pressure. This is the same in [the rest of Australia]. This has been something no one has ever seen before, the growth in demand in our hospitals, why it is is hard, hard to know… There is huge numbers of people coming through the door, so we’re doing everything we can to try to manage it. To be clear, Covid is not causing the hospital crisis in Western Australia. The state has incredibly strict border restrictions, even by Australian standards, and almost no cases. But – like the rest of Australia – it has very high vaccination rates.”

  • J. Thomas says:

    Virginia has roughly 6.8 million residents over 18. A total of 3.25 million voted (~48%). It was reported that of the 3.25 million, 48.4% of those (1.575 million) voted blue. This leaves over half the population vulnerable to fraudulent mail-in ballots by Soros/Gates/Zuckerberg funded groups. It’s still too much of a risk going forward. We need 80% of the eligible population voting in person in order to prevent fraud. I don’t see that happening without a serious change to the process.

    The good news is that we really only verified that 1.575 million out of 6.8 million Virginians are morons !

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