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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 28

By September 29, 2021Commentary

I am in serious backlog status on research, trying to catch up in this post.

Another dreadful briefing by the Minnesota DOH last week, fulfilling their mission as spearhead of the terror campaign.  Funny though, how they de-emphasize the rapidly rising proportion of breakthrough events.  Concern exists about hospital capacity.  No mention of hospital vaccine mandates leading to dismissal of workers and reducing capacity.  Lot of booster talk.  Quote of the briefing, “we know people are tired of the epidemic, tired of the fear”.  Ironically hilarious, since they push the fear and terror.  And the only useful fact from the briefing, the average age of people dying from CV-19 after vaccination is 78.5.  Funny how they use these statistics now to try to dampen concern about breakthroughs, but wouldn’t mention them when they were terrifying the general population.

Today the state reported 31 deaths.  One occurred in November 2020.  How does it take that long to figure out a death was supposedly due to CV-19?  But 28 occurred in September.  We have a massive death toll in September.  And these are almost all quite old people, and most of them must be vaxed.  Sooner or later the state is going to have to come clean on deaths in the vaxed population.

Here is another supposed meta-review of vaccine effectiveness.  The study included both clinical trial data and real-world observational trials.  It shows what you would expect, that the vaccines were highly effective, at least in the short term, against symptomatic infection.  (Medrxiv Paper)

This study continues to reflect what we expect in regard to the vaccines–the response is weaker with old age, and prior infection is associated with a stronger response.  (JID Article)

A study from Italy on early breakthrough infections finds that viral loads are generally lower, infections more likely to be asymptomatic, but in some cases virus was cultured from these persons.  (Medrxiv Paper)

Vaccination breakthrough events in the VA was examined in this study.  (Medrxiv Paper)   The population studied is relatively old and the follow-up period is obviously variable across the several million people vaccinated in the VA system.  Initially, the rate of infections and hospitalizations was very low in the vaccinated population.  But as other research has shown, that protection lessened after a few months.  The mRNA vaccines were more effective than the adenovirus ones.

Israel is closely watched as its population is highly vaxed, but had significant case waves and the country then began administering boosters.  The country also has good data availability.  This research found that while the original two dose regime still provided good protection against serious disease, but lessening in the summer and then protection appeared to increase with the advent of boosters.  (Medrxiv Study)

Your upper respiratory tract is the line of first defense against attempted infection.  This paper showed a rapid increase in antibodies to spike protein in saliva in the first few weeks following vaccination, but those levels dropped quickly in following weeks.  (Medrxiv Paper)

This is an interesting paper on memory B cells following infection.  Small number of hospitalized patients were the subjects, some with pretty mild disease, some with more severe disease.  In this case, the people with the milder disease had a stronger memory B cell response.  But also importantly, the memory B cells were still present five months after infection, meaning there was a population available for reactivation.   (Medrxiv Paper)

The reproductive number associated with CV-19 is a largely misunderstood and miscalculated number.  It supposedly indicates the infectiousness of a pathogen.  This paper is interesting because it suggests that spread is mostly occurring in localized nodes, not across a wider community, so that R is always close to one.   (Medrxiv Paper)

If you like being frightened of the virus, this paper may be for you.  Not sure I completely understood it, but the authors studied the replication of coronavirus in a cultured cell line over many generations.  They appear to have identified circumstances in which virus mutants without spike protein still were able to transmit and infect.  Scary, boys and girls, very scary.  (Medrxiv Paper)

Here is a good website for another perspective on the epidemic trend, both nationally and state by state.  They don’t seem to have a clear direction for Minnesota either.  (Covidstim Site)

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  • quentin49 says:

    The high number of deaths reported today by MDH listed 31 deaths. Of those 25 were outside of “residential facilities” and 2 (unspecified) were from previous months. It would appear that the vaccine, which was administered almost 100% in the facilities, is working quite well. Only 3 of the attributed deaths were under 70 years of age; 9 of them were 80+.
    So 6 of the deaths (a low number) were in facilities at the time of death. Again no detail of other conditions, but most likely that hasn’t changed much from when MDH admitted that 99.5% of those dying had multiple commodities. Just a few notes.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      Yes, I think the age structure when the vax rate stabilizes will look like it did before. If you are susceptible, you still are comparatively susceptible even after vax

  • Abhijit Bakshi says:

    Something from Pfizer being rushed to market? Seems unlikely. Don’t be a health denier.

    I’m guessing Pfizermectin is 95% effective?

    • Kevin Roche says:

      all they are doing is seeking a new indication with a slight reformulation. The reformulation is so it can’t be genericized and it will make more money. Pretty standard drug company practice. Nothing will stop doctors from prescribing the original formulation. And I just want to note that while I don’t spend a lot of time on treatments, the evidence is pretty much out on ivermectin. Not clear it is or isn’t helpful and to which subset of patients.

  • Godoggo says: Some highlights:

    The authors conclude that there have been at most 35,000 Covid deaths in the US so far, not over 600,000. Because “94 % of the reported deaths had multiple comorbidities”. What could well be over 600,000 is the number of Covid vaccine deaths. Registered VAERS vaccine deaths currently are 14,925.

    Basically, they leave nothing standing of the mass vaccination, the vaccine passports, QR codes, none of it. They call the vaccines “treatments” because they don’t comply with the 2000 definition of a vaccine from the U.S. Patent Office, which states “The immune response produced by a vaccine must be more than merely some immune response but must be protective”. They also state that even in the high-risk group of people over 65, the vaccines kill 5 times more people than Covid.

    The reason I come back to this -again- is that reports like this, critical of official vaccine policies, and certainly not just in the US, receive no media attention at all. Crickets. …

    My question is at what point do the politicians and journalists that run this show cease to be accomplices to murder? Because that is what is happening here. And there will be a moment when people find this out. What will they all have to say then?

    I can only give you some bits and pieces from the report, it’s exhaustive, and has more sources than any one person could probably read in a whole year. The conclusion:“It is unclear why this mass inoculation for all groups is being done, being allowed, and being promoted.”

    • Kevin Roche says:

      not really a big fan of people who make these very misleading arguments. I agree deaths are over-attributed but it has nothing to do with comorbidities. Most old people when they die have multiple diagnosed diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, dementia, etc. So what did they die off–nothing, because they had multiple diseases? makes no sense

      The vaccine definition stuff is nonsense. That report unfortunately is the kind of crackpot stuff that gives everyone who tries to be thoughtful about the appropriate response to the epidemic, which is real, a bad name.

  • Godoggo says:
    “Fascinating to me that a major new vaccine candidate has been announced, a traditional vaccine being developed carefully and in compliance with international norms, and not a single person from the press has contacted me about it.”

  • Rob says:

    The talk of comorbidities always neglects the fact that most of these patients were also taking medications, some of which are immuno-suppressant. It would be scientifically helpful to know which medicines the patients who died (and those who recovered) were taking as part of their regimen.

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