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After the Bombardment

By June 14, 2021Commentary

A few comments after dropping a ton of charts and animations on the epidemic.  One is that I hope this helps people get a literal picture of the epidemic and understand what is going on better.  The second is that there is no reason governments couldn’t give people this kind of information, they have better access to the data, and people are entitled to transparency and easy understanding of issues.  While government is generally incompetent, that is no excuse.  And some of it is just hiding information that might give people a different perspective on issues that governments try to message a certain way.

What all the data clearly shows is that the combination of vaccination and seasonality has beaten the virus back to very low levels.  The variants make absolutely zero difference.  People are out and about almost at normal levels without masking.  Makes no difference in case levels.  Demonstrates how pointless lockdowns and masking were.  I will say for the hundredth time, we will still see cases and serious disease, especially among the frail elderly, and even among the vaccinated.  That is just how adaptive immunity works.  It is variable.  And as a population, we need to adapt.  Time to end the obsession and the terror and try to address all the problems we have caused by the over and bad reactions.  We made a mess.

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  • David Krieg says:

    MN. legislature is being called for a special session today, with one of the issues being whether to continue Governor IB’s emergency powers, (or whatever they’re called). How ridiculous, but telling, that he still wants that power, especially in light of the data you’ve shown here today. A demonstration is planned for today, in opposition to MN.’s gov’t over-reach and destructive policies during covid. It’s at 10:30 in front of the Senate Office Bldg, concluding in front of the Capitol @ 12:30

  • Colonel Travis says:

    All this stuff should be common knowledge everywhere. It’s not. For a reason. This doesn’t help a country built on freedom and liberty.
    Thanks Kevin

  • J. Thomas says:

    Maybe you can apply your legal background and advanced knowledge of this situation to helping this organization too?

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