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Gastro health

By May 24, 2021Headlines

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  • rob says:

    Covid vaccines I have no problem with, but I’m never getting another colonoscopy as long as I live. The pre-diet is unhealthy enough (Wonder bread and green Jello) but the chemical death cocktail is just too much. I assume (without any real evidence) it wipes out all the good stuff (bacteria, microbes??) as well as everything else from your system. And hopefully your kidneys survive the chemical onslaught. Even though they always find the single obligatory polyp and then say, “Come back in 5 years”, no, not happening, I’m done.

  • Kevin Roche says:

    you can see if they will pay for a virtual one. It doesn’t kill all the germs, just removes everything they live on. Having just done that a couple of months ago I agree it is no fun. On the other hand colon cancer would be worse and the reason they do them is because it has led to a substantial decline in serious colon cancer.

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