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Coronamonomania Thrives in Darkness, Part 70

By May 19, 2021Commentary

Back to the research and away from the ranting.

Two studies show that hospitalizations are exaggerated by including ones where the patients were not admitted for CV-19 and only incidentally tested “positive” for the virus.  The studies relate to children but I believe are equally applicable to adults.  In the first study, the authors reviewed 117 hospitalizations in a children’s hospital in California.  While they were all included as CV-19 hospitalizations, the review found that 45% were not caused by CV-19.  So even though there is a low rate of reported hospitalizations among children, in reality it is even lower.  (AAP Paper)   The second study also came from California and similarly found that a large number, in this case the majority of supposed CV-19 hospitalizations among children were not due to CV-19.  (AAP Paper)    Just another way governments are exaggerating the toll of epidemic and terrorizing people needlessly, in this case in regard to children.

This is an important paper looking at whether the vaccines appear to affect platelets, which are involved in clotting.  The researchers compared platelet function in people with infections and people who were vaccinated, and checked the vaccinated group for a month.  While platelet function is affected in the infected group, there was no indication of any change in vaccinated persons. (Medrxiv Paper)

Research increasingly supports the notion that studying adaptive immune responses after infection or immunization requires  looking at more than just antibodies.  In regard to variants, this paper found that even though antibodies may lessen, strong B memory cells tend to persist and aid in fending off even the variants.  (Medrxiv Paper)  In fact, looking for these memory cells is more indicative of prior infection and a durable response than looking for antibodies.

Scientists use cells from other primates to study CV-19.  This paper finds that the most common of those cell lines is probably much more infectious that human airway cells, which leads to overestimates of the infectiousness of Cv-19.  (Medrxiv Paper)   Also suggests that PCR tests really are overstating actual infections and infectiousness.

Another paper on the effects of vaccination on previously infected persons.  The paper first finds, as have most, that infected persons have a lasting antibody response, in this case for at least 12 months.  Even in these infected persons, however, the vaccine boosted that response.  The exception was in several obese individuals.  (Medrxiv Paper)

This study examined the AstraZeneca vaccine, and its effects on uninfected persons in India versus the  response of infected persons.  In this research, prior infection appeared to be related to a stronger response to the vaccine.  (Medrxiv Paper)

I don’t trust China at all and I think the lab origin theory for CV-19 could be right.  On the other hand, there is ample evidence for the presence of a large number of similar strains in animal hosts.  Re-examination of collected specimens indicates this.  In Russia in 2020 scientists have gathered evidence of a virus similar to CV-19 in horseshoe bats.   (Medrxiv Paper)


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  • Debbie Larson says:

    I did some research on Covid-19 hospitalization reporting. The cliff notes of what I found out is that the federal government doesn’t distinguish between being hospitalized for Covid-19 clinical symptoms versus being hospitalized for other issues and testing positive for Covid-19.

    Additionally, I verified with my congresswoman that MDH follows the federal Covid-19 reporting requirements. They do not distinguish between the two either. So the hospitalization rates published daily on the MN Situation Update are misleading in that they include people who are not being treated for Covid-19, but tested positive when given the Covid test at the hospital.

    I reached out to an executive at a large hospital system (not in MN) that was responsible for the Covid-19 reporting. This person also confirmed that there was no distinction in the data collected for the federal government or that state.

    My personal investigation supports what these studies have found.

  • Peggy A Lewis says:

    ‘hospitalizations are exaggerated by including ones where the patients were not admitted for CV-19 and only incidentally tested “positive” for the virus.”

    I have a very small data set of clients here in MN and I’ve concluded that not only do the asymptomatic NOT spread, but also the symptomatic rarely spread. I read a research paper that suggested that the “heavy breathers” such as obese, elderly and those with poor metabolic health are super spreaders.

    Also, I’ve concluded from hundreds of conversations since this all began (Among some really hilarious ones regarding illness and risk) that those businesses left open during lockdown had these super spreaders and almost exclusively through them, the virus was/is spread….because seemingly, it rarely spreads to family members in the same household. It’s like if I had a buck for every similar story, I’d have a nice little pot of pandemic money by now. I realize this is still anecdotal but it’s so predominant in the stories I hear.

    The other thing I’m hearing that truly scares me is the number of people post natural infection having a pretty bad time of it with vaccine and the younger the person the worse the reaction. I can’t for the life of me understand why those who’ve contracted Cv-19 would vaccinate and I just hope that there aren’t long term effects to these ppl for the push to get vaccinated.

  • James Zuck says:

    In Lancaster County PA we have one large health care provider, Lancaster General Hospital, (LGH) that just wiped out all the competition over the last 2 decades. You would be hard pressed to find a local health clinic that is not a division of LGH. One of the doctors from LGH was on local TV news last night and stated the need for people to become vaccinated that had Covid-19 because they know anti- bodies from recovered Covid-19 patients disappear after three months and natural immunity dose not last long. Thanks to you and your blog I know better, the vaccine is effective and adaptive immunity is effective. The problem is LGH is such powerful force in the community we have a local school district that just announced all children must be vaccinated to able to return to in class learning this fall. I think it is reckless to rush to vaccinate a non- risk group.

  • J. Thomas says:

    And a ‘positive’ test was most likely from PCR, which multiple studies have found to be a joke … especially pre-Biden cycle adjustments. As dumb as they all appear to be, the people orchestrating this broadway theatre show are smart enough to concoct and execute the biggest fraud ever seen against us … and ballsy enough to look us in the eye and lie about it. Enough of us are stupid enough not to understand this, and they consciously factor that into their strategy. If I’m going to have to live in a rouge ‘banana republic’, I might as well have clear blue water and palm trees all around me. Costa Rica and Panama are looking better and better !!

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