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Excess Non-CV-19 Deaths in Minnesota

By April 27, 2021Commentary

You have seen this chart, directly from the CDC site, from me before.  Here is the current version.  This is deaths above expected, the prior five-year average, population-adjusted, for various causes.  These are not CV-19 deaths.  And it doesn’t include overdoses.  Think lockdowns and the terror campaign don’t kill?  Close to 3000 people.  But they don’t count, they didn’t have a CV-19 positive test months before their deaths.

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  • Amy says:

    Yes, and I’m afraid that a dear friend of mine was one of them. He was unable to get the medical attention he needed, and he was locked into his senior apartment building without the direct support of his loved ones that he had been used to having. The facility’s staff actually sent an ambulance away at one point after he had called to go to the hospital because his pain was so bad. I will always believe that he died of the lockdown.

  • jason cooper says:

    how can there be an increase influenza deaths over average this year when we have been led to believe there was essentially no flu season?

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