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Thank You

By March 22, 2021Commentary

Been a while since I did this, but it is in my mind every day.  I am incredibly grateful to all the readers and for all the contributions readers have made to the blog.  Keep fighting for freedom, it is what makes us individuals and gives us the opportunity to live our lives to their fullest.  I will never be intimidated into silence and neither should you.  Strength of will and purpose is what turns the tide.  Truth prevails because it is the bedrock of existence; it literally cannot be denied.

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  • Dennis Klosterman says:

    Thank you Kevin! I have followed you since day one!

  • Nancy tafoya says:

    Thank you for all you do.

  • Colonel Travis says:

    Thank you, Kevin. I don’t read anywhere near as much as you do, but there are so few doing what you do. I don’t get it. I really don’t. I mean, I understand the way human beings are wired, they prefer (in general) safety over freedom. But the choices of most people when it comes to this virus are not based on their free will. They are being fed so much disinformation. It’s clear that many don’t know this and do not believe it if you try to tell them. When does reality ever come back?

  • Anne says:

    Thank you, Kevin, for this constant flow of information that has kept me grounded during the insanity of the lockdown. I’m so grateful for the time you put into looking at all the studies. And your sarcasm is delicious to a cynic like me.

  • Jessica Benson says:

    Thank you! You’ve been the voice of reason and science during this Wuhan plague. I trust your information and I love your snark. Kevin Roche for Governor!

  • JRZ says:

    Thank you Kevin for the wealth of information you provide

  • joseph d sabol says:

    I have enjoyed all of your insightful blogs since Ashley connected me with it. Thanks for putting this valuable information out there. The downside of having this information is I have become acutely aware of how the media has mislead people since the beginning and continues to perpetuate the misinformation.

  • Jenkins says:

    Thanks, Kevin!

  • John Sernett says:

    I have followed you daily since I first read your ad in the Red Star/Star Trib in March 2020. You have been my trusted source for truthful info on the facts around CV-19, and the horrific way governmental leaders have mismanaged the situation on a worldwide basis. Reading your blog and gaining insight from your research and experience in the medical field has been my “rock” for over a year. The Thank You is mutual. You are a treasure to more people than you know!

  • Harley says:

    Thanks for the truth and honest emotions. Thanks for countering the directives and propaganda of the many governmental bodies and public health agencies who have developed unquenchable thirst for the Wuhan Kool-Aid.

  • Carol Ann says:

    Thank you so much Kevin, for continuing to keep us informed in a reasonable and clear manner as to what is really going on with Covid 19.

    I recently started going back and forth from TX to NJ for work and family reasons … the level of unreasonable and out of control fear in NJ compared to TX is unreal.

    Not that some people are not scared in TX, but most I know are more moderate in their beliefs about covid and what they need to do to be safer. 4 of my family members had it in TX. Many of my coworkers in TX have had it. All were healthy adults from around age 25 to 65. All had mild to asymptomatic cases and recovered in a few days. And all the contacts I’ve had with those people, all the traveling I’ve done since last June, I’ve never had it.

    My NJ contacts are probably somewhat surprised covid 19 hasn’t killed me yet!

    I visit your blog every day to read the newest info on covid untainted by media panic p*rn! Thank you for a place to find that!

  • Chet says:

    Thank you!!! (again and again and again)

  • Your contributions are much appreciated. It is so refreshing to have some realistic analysis, with some extra salty (well-deserved) commentary!

  • Jason Cooper says:

    This site is best scientific analysis anywhere. Your contribution will be remembered for a long time

  • James L. Edholm says:

    Hear, hear!!

  • Chuck says:

    Thank you Kevin!!!!

  • Eric from Carver Cty says:

    I finally read The Abilene Paradox this past weekend.

    Now I know how One Term Tim has managed to fumble again and again without ever conceding he and his band of Flat Earthers are burning the village in their wicked attempt to save it.

    Science? They abandoned that long ago.

    Data? Which data?

    Nobody wants to challenge bad decisions in a group setting, according to the Abilene Paradox.

    It’s easier to go along to get along (knowing it’s wrong) rather than rise up and tell your colleagues “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!???!!!”

    The problem we now face is we have a Nihilist Media placated by a Tyrannical Leftist government who is doing what one does not do when they find themselves in a hole, which is keep digging.

    Nihilsm rejects Objective Truth, which is why Michael Ostrerholm and Andy Slavett keep getting airtime. I’ve never seen two men who are alleged “subject matter experts” get so many things wrong so many times and still get air time with Chad Hartman on WCCO and studio time with CNN and MSNBC.

    Thank you Kevin for keeping these folks honest. Speaking Truth to Power takes a persistent effort and you sir….appear to be up to the challenge.

    Thank God for that passion, for I now see light at the end of his Covid tunnel. The only problem is, Tim Walz just told me it’s another train.

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