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Coronamonomania Thrives in Darkness, Part 15

By February 26, 2021Commentary

At the briefing yesterday, the Commissioner of Health repeated the erroneous CDC calculation that a year of life expectancy was lost due to CV-19.  More woke math.  The CDC clearly has no ability to do anything correctly and should be dismantled now.  Several people who took the old-fashioned math immediately found the CDC error.  Turns out the impact on life expectancy was actually 5 days.  Let’s see if the Commissioner corrects the lie.  Meanwhile the IB in a separate interview said we should have masked up early.  I just want to point out that since the IB’s unilateral mask mandate we have not had a single week of lower cases, in fact we had the worst wave of cases and deaths ever, so I don’t think he really wants to look at the data around his worthless mandate.

Our new President is senile and says, and very poorly I might add, only what he reads on a teleprompter.  So in one respect you can’t blame him for what he says, he doesn’t know what it is until he reads it and even then probably has no comprehension of it.  Yesterday he celebrated vaccinations, and in doing so claimed he inherited a mess and took credit for everything.  This is such an obvious lie I won’t even bother commenting on it.  Read this Scott Johnson post at Powerline, but more importantly, watch the video.  Even a few minutes will make it clear that the brain is no longer functioning.  (PL Post)

I am going to get out posts soon on the death certificate analysis readers have been doing and the seasonality work that DD has done.  In the meantime, I would note that technically April 1 is antipodal to October 1, so if you thought the conditions promoting waves were equally spaced during the year, that would be when conditions might be more favorable.  However, the meteorological factors are not exactly 180 days apart.  Thermal lags, etc. vary during the year.  Leaving aside testing goofiness, it appears that the fall surge in Minnesota got going as early as mid-September and was really beginning to ramp up by mid-October.  Mid-April temps are similar to early October ones.  So assuming that other meteorological factors were correlated with temperature you would guess conditions would be similar to the heart of the fall wave sometime in April.   There is, however, much more daylight in mid-April than in mid-October.  I don’t expect there to be much of a case surge, if any, because of vaccination and the level of infections in the population, but around April 1 is likely when we would see any effect, but that is just my best guess.

A doctor in Alberta, Canada joins the chorus recognizing that maybe the way the epidemic has been handled wasn’t the smartest.  (Can. Article)   The title pretty much says it all.  “Rethinking the Lockdown Groupthink”.  I could have written this, only not as well.  The history of lockdowns is spot on, as well as the harms ensuing from their imposition.

And a quick observation that seasonal coronaviruses are making a return to the scene, according to lab data.  And this article suggests that deadly respiratory syncytial virus is worse in Australia and potentially other places.  (RSV Article)   That virus causes quite a few fatalities in children.   I wasn’t making it up when I suggested that keeping children out of school and away from each other would weaken their immune systems and make them more vulnerable to other viruses and pathogens.  The article makes it sound like maybe the rebound, which is far above typical case levels, may be due to relaxation of CV-19 measures.  I think it is far more likely due to those measures, which limited the development of immune systems and made children much more susceptible.

An interesting article on how the rich and famous view the epidemic.  (CV Article)   As I have said several times, rich people should keep their mouths shut about how things should be handled.  They are clueless about normal life and how proposed actions affect the general population.

Another study on whether teachers face a higher death risk from CV-19 than other occupations do.  (Medrxiv Paper)    The study comes from the UK and found that in general, teachers had a lower mortality rate.  Teachers had a far lower risk than most other occupations.  If teachers won’t work, fire them and lock them up.  They are responsible for what is happening to children.

A study in the Journal of the American Heart Association finds that obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart failure, which often are found in combination, were directly related to very high rates of hospitalization for CV-19.  (JAHA Article)   Just another reminder that CV-19 is not a threat to the general public in good health, and that hospitalizations and deaths are really caused by those underlying health conditions, not the infection itself.

And finally another paper on antibody tests, with a good reminder that they aren’t perfect and the results from multiple assays are often at odds.  That would suggest undercounting of prevalence and poor estimation of the strength or durability of adaptive immunity.  (Medrxiv Paper)   The researchers did find that a couple of the assays performed fairly well, but a major lesson is that antibody surveys should use more than one assay for highest accuracy.

Have a good weekend.


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  • JT says:

    Thanks Kevin for putting out this info. Lots of us out thinking the same things.

    Is anyone else confused by the last two weeks of US COVID totals per the cdc? I see 4-5 states flat now instead of dropping, but the other 45 or so states continuing to drop substantially. It seems like there is no math that can takes those 50 states and come up with the US totals that show an increase over the past week or so.

    Could it be another mysterious change in how cases are counted?

  • SteveD says:

    So assuming that other meteorological factors were correlated with temperature you would guess conditions would be similar to the heart of the fall wave sometime in April.

    Do you mean the heart of the wave or the beginning of the wave? The peak was in mid-January. If the peak of the fall wave is sometime in April, cases should be starting to trend up within a weak or two at the latest if not now. If the start of the wave is in April then the peak would be around the antipode of January, in early summer. I assume however, there is no requirement for the surges to be symmetrical. A spring surge could be smaller and cut off quickly by the onset of summer.

  • Again no one talks about vitamin D levels…a far more effective mitigation agent than any amount of lockdo1n for compressing morbidity and nearly eliminating mortality. In fact NONE of the risk groups defined mean anything unless randomized for nutritional indices that have ALL been shown to reduce both infectivity and morbidity (D,C,A, Se, and Zn). People 70 and older are well known to have depressed micronutrients due to reduced intake and absorption with age. I won’t be mentioning the wonderful diets of those in NHs. So plz remember that there was a 900% difference in mortality between CV19 patients if vitamin D levels were above 20 ng/mL…achievable with 30 IUs per lb per day at 10-20 cents per day! C’mon folks, Kevin included.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      Chris I appreciate your obsession with Vitamin D, and I take it daily, but unfortunately the research definitely does not suggest it is a miracle cure for CV-19

  • LeeS says:

    These doctors are pretty mainstream and do a lot of videos on Covid-19 among other medical topics and CME

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