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Can’t Resist Another Mask Failure Chart

By December 7, 2020Commentary

Now this is mandates, which I don’t think is the way to measure, you should look at wearing behavior, which I think is high pretty much everywhere, but you probably can assume it is somewhat higher in mandate states.  Yep, really changes that curve.  Thanks to Twitter and this is a compilation of data from all US jurisdictions.

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  • Darin Kragenbring says:

    I was discussing masking with a college friend who is a doctor—research, teaching and clinical. Would it be fair to say mask mandates “could” work in theory? (With all manner of caveats). It seems to me that many physicians cling to the idea that masking is a no-brainer mitigation technique. I just haven’t seen compelling evidence to support mask mandates nor does “the science” suggest cloth masks (which are the overwhelming choice of people I see in Minnesota) have any meaningful impact in stopping the aerosolized virus. Add to this the grossly exaggerated messaging about the effectiveness of masks and it’s hardly a wonder that mask mandates almost signal the beginning of case surges. Sadly, this issue endures and pleased that you continue to address it—in spite of how exhausting that must be.

  • Not surprised at all! And if one assumes a higher rate of mask wearing in mandate states (anecdotally: I’m in Georgia and I NEVER wear a mask–not at church, not in stores, not in restaurants, etc.–except when my employer requires it), because of rampant incorrect wearing of masks–constantly touching them, wearing them below the nose, not cleaning them (ALL of which I’m guilty of when I have to wear them), etc.–it would make sense that the mask-mandating states would have more cases. The poor mask behaviors mentioned actually INCREASE the spread of a virus. For example, our hands are on our masks FAR more than they would be on our maskless faces! This is perhaps the best reason for ending the foolish mask mandates EVERYWHERE: Outside of a surgery room, virtually NO ONE is wearing them correctly!!!

  • Jame Zuck says:

    Over the weekend Dr. Deborah Birx complained about the disinformation on masks that is being promoted. In reality the disinformation is on the CDC website itself, on the below link there is an illustration showing how a cloth masks blocks transmission of droplets.
    The illustration on the CDC website is the misinformation, filters do not work that way. The droplets hitting the mask material will somewhat atomize into smaller particles and pass through the mask.

  • Cliff Hadley says:

    I’ve given up trying to educate people on masks, as stating the facts can’t break through their near-religious obsession. The best response has Dude-ish: “That’s just, like, your opinion, man.”

  • Miguel says:

    Can you link to the data?

    • Kevin Roche says:

      the mask chart? It is covid tracking project data, so that site. The author @ianmSC on twitter posts great charts and data frequently. I would check his twitter stream to see if he put the table up. If not you could tweet at him or reply to the post with this chart and ask if he can share the underlying table.

  • Al Benoit says:

    PCR testing protocols may be as much or even more of a factor here than making wearing (pretty much a non factor). I’m taking about how many cycles are they running and how clean are they, avoiding contamination.

  • Ricard says:

    Cliff – My response to any ‘just your opinion’ cancel rebuttal is if the subject is just a matter of opinion why is there a mandate involved?

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