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Cases and Deaths in Children by Country

By June 26, 2020June 30th, 2020Commentary

As we have repeatedly shown, children have very low risk of being infected and having a serious illness from coronavirus.  The table below illustrates this with data from a number of countries.  I think it is pretty clear why it is safe to send children back to school and let them lead normal lives.  A slight data anomaly is that the cases from Austria were for children under age 15.  And the great majority of these children who died would undoubtedly have had pre-existing conditions.

Country# Cases Children Under 19Total Number of Cases% Cases Children# Deaths ChildrenTotal Deaths% Deaths Children


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  • matthew schaefer says:

    Great graphic. It would be nice to track down similar numbers for influenza and post them side by side. Keep up the excellent work. I send this stuff to the principal of our private school hoping and praying that they don’t follow the trend of the teacher’s union pressure to modify school regimen in the fall.

  • Harley says:

    A conundrum for the Dictator, either look at the data (i.e., the science) at take his cues from Education Minnesota. I’m sure the fix (of distance learning) is in, he just hasn’t revealed it. Probably will do so on July 3, ahead of a holiday weekend.

    In fact, if Minnesota goes with a blended model, of both distance and in-class instruction, that will likely boost total school employment, resulting in more union dues. Mission accomplished! Meanwhile, the quality of education of MN students declines, but not his concern. By then he’ll be drawing on his teacher/ US House/ MN Governor pension benefits, and living in Maryland as a lobbyist.

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