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You Must Watch this Video

By April 5, 2020Commentary

Dr. Jay Battacharya, a Stanford University physician and economist is uniquely positioned to have a balanced and informed perspective on coronavirus and the extreme lockdown of the economy.  He makes many of the same points that I have been trying to make in my posts, but is much more knowledgeable and articulate.  He wrote an editorial in the Wall Street Journal, (WSJ Comm.)  and here is a great interview he has given (interview).  Please watch and please share as widely as you can.  Please note that he particularly emphasizes the need to get this random population sampling done, which should be both antibody and infection testing, so that we have better information about what the real infection rate and mortality rate of coronavirus are.  And he also strongly emphasizes that on the other side of the balance scale, the economic lockdown and resulting depression will cost millions of lives.

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