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Another Telehealth Advance

By September 22, 2009November 2nd, 2009Commentary

IMEC is an independent research firm based in Belgium.  It has released a prototype of a necklace which has a cardiac monitoring capability and which sends data wirelessly to a computer for review and analysis.  The necklace allows a patient to conduct their daily living activities while having potential heart problems monitored.  (IMEC Release) Telemedicine has grown rapidly from its roots as a method to distribute scarce specialty expertise to remote areas to encompass many facets of health care.  The ability to monitor and communicate patient status from anywhere greatly expands the opportunity to identify problems and intervene quickly.  This should improve outcomes and may save money.  Telemedicine does, however, face a number of regulatory and reimbursement barriers.  Given its promise, policymakers should be encouraged to address those barriers.

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