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Energy and Electricity Prices in Minnesota

By July 10, 2024Commentary

Lying Little Timmy Walz is a prevaricator of the first order, almost unparalleled in his devotion to never telling the truth.  In fact, I think he might dissolve if an actual factual statement ever came out of his mouth.  His destructive energy policies were billed as lowering costs so of course the opposite was the case–always was and always will be.  Electricity prices have soared in the state and are going to get even higher.  In fact, we are closing in on California, which is always Fat Timmy’s goal, to have at least as insane policies as California.  That is his lodestar.

According to WalletHub, Minnesotan’s have the fifth highest energy bills across the country.  The formula has some oddities to it, because if you are a northern state you might have higher heating costs and a southern state more cooling costs and in a rural state people have to drive a lot more whereas highly urbanized states rely more on mass transit, etc.  Price might be more revealing than total bills in part because higher or lower prices might encourage or discourage energy usage.  California, for example, has relatively low average energy bills, but the price for all forms of energy there is so high that people either freeze or burn up or just don’t drive, etc.  The consumer pain is a lot greater than this ranking suggests.  (WH Data)

Minnesota is cold, so you might expect we have somewhat higher gas and electric bills, but that is offset by less need for air conditioning and in any event, that isn’t the real story.  Our costs are higher because we are dumping cheap sources of electricity and making it harder to use natural gas.  In just two years the price of electricity to consumers in the state has gone from 13.96 cents per kilowatt hour to 15.08 cents.  A significant rise, maybe not huge, but certainly not going down as we were promised.  (USEIA Data)   Average consumer electricity bills, according to the power companies themselves, have risen at an alarming rate in the last ten years and the power companies need even higher rates to make up for the increased cost of supposedly cheap (non)renewable energy sources.  Doesn’t sound to me like our electricity is getting cheaper.   I used to think Minnesotans were smart, but they keep buying Dem lies and voting for them, so they can’t be that smart.

(an alert reader pointed out that I scrambled my dollars and cents in the original post, so I thank him for pointing that out and it is fixed now)

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  • Mike says:

    Re: Energy and Electricity Prices in Minnesota

    Agreed, something bad has happened to Minnesota voters.

    IS THIS CORRECT?? In just two years the price of electricity to consumers in the state has gone from 13.96 cents per kilowatt hour to $15.08.

    I don’t have the ability, time nor energy to dig through USEIA data.

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