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Educational Spending and Outcomes

By July 8, 2024Commentary

Because Minnesota’s Dem Party is owned by the teachers’ and other government employee unions, there is constant whining  about how more money needs to be spent on education, and what they really mean is on teacher salaries and benefits.  We spend a fortune per pupil.  In return, we get nothing–students don’t show up for school, and when they do, they learn little.  Minnesota supposedly had a good education system at one point in time.  That is not true now.  Student accomplishment continues to decline and the ideologues in charge have turned the curriculum into nothing but whacked indoctrination.  Chart below says it all.  We need school choice.

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  • DuluthGuy says:

    I couldn’t agree more. While there are faults with school choice (many private schools will simply raise their tuition by a % of the subsidy), it’s far, far better than what we have now. The ONLY reason to oppose school choice is to protect the current system and those employed by it. But if the current system is so much better and superior to what private schools offer, they have nothing to fear. Simply put, we spend ~$15k per student (far more in Minneapolis and St Paul). If a parent would rather take that same money and send their kid to a private school of their choice, why shouldn’t they be able to?

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