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JOLTS Gives No Jolt to the Economy

By July 2, 2024Commentary

Every month the Bureau of Lying Statistics (okay, it is actually Labor) releases a report on the number of job openings nationwide, and the number of people who have quit or been fired or laid off from their job (the JOLTS report).  Lots of job openings usually indicates an economy in growth mode, as does an increase in people quitting their jobs, which usually indicates they can easily find another one.  Today’s report goes through the end of May and finds that there were more job openings than expected at that time.  Unfortunately for the taxpayers of America, all the excess was accounted for by government job openings.  We have a serious government employee issue in this country.  There are far too many of them, they are incompetent, they don’t work hard and aren’t productive and they are grotesquely over-compensated.  And you can’t fire them no matter how bad they are.  We could fire half the government employees and see no difference, except government spending and taxes would go down.  So this JOLTS report is the usual garbage from Bidementia, and of course the prior month’s report had a significant downward revision, as they almost always do when most people aren’t paying attention.  Please note also that the number of layoffs and firing does appear to be increasing.  (BLS Report)

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