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For Those Who Believe the Gender Ideology Bullsh*t

By June 30, 2024Commentary

I cannot believe that the whacked academic theory that biological sex is mutable and that children aren’t born a certain gender has not only made its way into the mainstream, but some states, including my insane home state of Minnesota are forcing children to be taught this garbage, causing immense mental health harm.  As I have said many times, the underpinning to this utter nonsense is a rigid view of gender stereotypes.  If you like to do this or that or engage in this or that behavior, you must be a man or you must be a woman.  This bullshit flies in the face of everything done to free women in particular, and men to some extent, from those rigid stereotypes.  The people who engage in transgenderism are delusionally insane.  You are born a man or a woman, period.  After that, behave anyway you want, it will never change your biological sex.  And no one should ever be forced to accept or accomodate another person’s delusional beliefs.

This new paper makes it clear that men and women’s brains don’t function on some spectrum, that gender isn’t on a sliding scale, there are two very distinctly defined sexes and genders, which are the same concept, no matter what inanities are spouted by crazy academics and their cultish followers.  Scientists watched the brains of men and of women as they functioned and used an artificial intelligence program to ascertain differences in organization and processing.  Look at the resulting diagrams.  Seems very clear, extraordinarily clear, that there two distinct sexes and that is it.  (PNAS Study)

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  • Richard Marks says:

    Hi Kevin. I read the first two graphs of the PNAS study you had in this article. I don’t know how much further they go into the details of human brain development of the two sexes, but it makes no reference to fetal brain development. The study cites there are different limbic responses between males and females. Why? If you go back to basic fetal development in the womb, when the woman’s body identifies that a male gender with an XY chromosome is to be developed, a chemical wash goes across the male brain separating the two hemispheres of the male brain. The neurological pathways in the female brain remain connected between the two hemispheres. Why is this important? The left or emotional and right, rational sides of the female brain have instantaneous reactions. A smell, a sound, a taste will trigger an emotional memory of some event in the female brain. They are wired like the RAM in a computer. Random Access Memory. The male brain develops different pathways to pull up a memory. This takes more time, although it is measured in micro seconds. The male brain is similar to the ROM in a computer. The memories are there but need to be accessed separately but are not usually triggered by emotional signals such as smell and taste or even fear. Check your human biological studies on fetal development and see if I am correct. A woman “lives in the moment” because everything in both hemispheres of the brain are working. Male brains are bigger because they have to store more information. That’s why women also say men have a “fat head”. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Thanks for listening. Richard Marks, Jordan, Minnesota

  • David K says:

    “[The Left/Dems] are aggressively anti common-sense.” – Bill Maher

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