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Weekend Climate and non-Renewable Energy Funnies

By June 23, 2024Commentary

Everything is supposed to go electric, including cars, even though we are steadily making our electricity more expensive and less reliable.  Electric cars cost a lot, do a lot of environmental damage, are expensive to repair and time-consuming to charge.  They are an absurdity and a recent McKinsey survey found that about half of all electric car owners are considering switching back to gas-powered vehicles.  Not surprising at all.  When you lie to people about something, eventually they get mad about it and go elsewhere.  (ZH Post)

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  • Pamelb says:

    Who knew there could be that many STOOPID grownup humans alive right now! I am totally amazed, and disheartened! Too many weak brains are absorbing too many chemicals, and one end result of that weaker brain matter, is of course, that brain disease called Liberalism. It is permeating a certain class of people and usually isn’t reversible, unless an intervention saves them…but…is it worth it and can it succeed? Probably not for majority of them…

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