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Your Weekly Antidote to Climate Hysteria

By June 21, 2024Commentary

Hmmm, kind of surprising to me given all the supposed record warmth, but the Arctic ice cap hasn’t melted yet nor has Greenland.  Oh well, couple of months to go, although we are at least ten years late on Al Gore’s fear-mongering prediction.  Meanwhile, here is a study, which is somewhat technical in terms of various math approaches to taking past data and massaging it to get the right answer, usually.  But in the course of that analysis, the authors use the rate of temperature change in the north Atlantic during the last ice age as a case study.

One of the constant lies told by the hysterics, and it is a lie, not just a misinformed opinion, is that we are in a period of unprecedented warmth and growth of warmer temps.  Neither is true, unless you are just going by the last week.  Over any lengthy period, the Earth has both been warmer and has seen faster temperature growth, and more importantly for the future of humanity, temperature declines.  And this study documents that the last ice age had many of those periods, in which the North Atlantic bounced out of the ice age and then back into it with amazing rapidity.  The temperature changed by tens of degrees very quickly.  The models can’t replicate this, no one has a convincing explanation, and it almost certainly isn’t some miraculous growth and decline of CO2, which could not occur in any known manner and definitely wasn’t caused by humans using fossil fuels.

Just read the abstract to get a sense of how fickle nature can be all on her own.  Of course, the hysterics take this as evidence that humans could destroy the climate even faster.  Meanwhile, climate moron and pedophile island visitor Bill Gates is planning to try to block sunshine from reaching Earth.  Not much could go wrong there.   (SD Article)

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