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What’s Up With Cancer Among Adults

By June 15, 2024Commentary

I am writing about this because there is as usual a delusional segment of the population trying to link every health issue to CV-19 vax.  Which is partly stupid because more people have been infected by CV-19 than were vaxed, so why isn’t it CV-19 instead of the vax.  In any event researchers are trying to sort out what is actually happening in cancer trends.  It is tricky because the terror campaign during the epidemic did lead to a reduction in screenings and some delays in diagnosis.  So if there are cancers that might have been detected in 2021, but aren’t until 2023, it might appear that there was an uptick in cancers in 2023, but there wasn’t, there was just a cumulation of earlier missed diagnoses along with the ones actually begun in 2023.  But more importantly, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer has changed dramatically over the last few decades.  We are identifying cancers that would not have been diagnosed at all before.  Prevention campaigns have had a significant effect on the prevalence of some cancers, lung cancer is a good example.  So determining actual trends isn’t that easy.

In any event, this study looked at 3.8 million cancer patients in various generations to determine if there were age trends.  In particular, people born in the years 1965 to 1980 were compared to those born between 1946 and 1964.  Diagnoses from 1992 to 2018 were used, so this is pre-pandemic, can’t be influenced by either CV-19 or the vax.  For women, thyroid, kidney, rectal, uterine, colon, pancreatic and lymphoma cancers were increased in the later generation as opposed to the earlier one.  Lung and cervical cancers were decreased, a clear example of the anti-smoking message and better cervical cancer screening.  For men thyroid, kidney, rectal, colon, prostate and leukemia cancers were up in the later generation, and gallbladder, lymphoma and lung cancers were down.  Overall, cancer incidence and prevalence has increased in the later generation, by a fair amount.

So the trend, before the epidemic was for increased cancers and for those cancers to show up earlier.  This is likely highly influenced by lifestyle and exposure to the increased level of environmental toxins.  The later generation is more obese and became more obese earlier and has an even less healthy diet.  So if you hear someone claim that cancers are up because of either CV-19 or the vax, be extremely skeptical.  In fact, assume you are talking to an ignorant, delusional conspiracy theorist who needs some serious therapy.  (JAMA Study)

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