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The US Is Over-run with Crime, but the Whacked Pro(re)gressives Hide the Real Stats

By June 13, 2024Commentary

America is overrun with criminals and crimes.  Everyone knows it, everyone hears about it.  Someone had their car ransacked in broad daylight in front of our house in a very nice neighborhood.  The people around the block were carjacked.  Every day on NextDoor people are reporting car, garage and house break-ins.  But we see stories pimped by most of the mainstream media that crime has declined from its post-George Floyd peak.  That is simply bullshit, in large part because police are so short-staffed, so overwhelmed by the number of crimes and so afraid to do preventive policing that most people simply don’t report even serious crimes.  If you look at the population surveys, you will see that the number of people saying they have been victimized by a crime is going up and the gap between these surveys and “official” stats is growing.  In this case, trust the surveys and your own experience.  The Wall Street Journal is one media source still driven to tell the truth and this recent op-ed explains the truth about crime.  (WSJ Op-ed)

You can look at the victimization survey data here.  (NCVS)   This is a big survey, 240,000 people a year.  Since 2020 the FBI says there is less crime and the victims say there is more.  Only about 20% of crimes in cities with over a million people result in an arrest, emboldening criminals, but also leading victims to feel reporting is just futile.  It appears that in 2022 only 42% of violent crimes were reported and 32% of property crimes.  So round the official numbers way up.  And the true rate of violent crime has risen from 16.5 per 1000 people to 23.5.

Recently the FBI reported that crime, including murder, is down.  Everyone knows that is just a lie.  And one reason people’s experience is different from the official statistics is that whole cities, where most of the crime occurs, don’t even report anymore.  Cities covering over a third of the entire population don’t report to the FBI anymore, including crime hellholes like Baltimore, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.  Let’s see, if you don’t collect data from where the most crimes are, well then why won’t crime magically appear to have decreased.   (ZH Post)  And the cities lie too about what is happening.  Baltimore is a good example, where the FBI stats for murder are much lower than the city ones–so why is the city lying to the FBI?  (ZH Post)

The cities don’t report because they are run by Dems and know the crime issue hurts them like hell.  So just like inflation, let’s try to pretend that crime isn’t really a problem.  I don’t think crime has gone down, if anything it is up.  People just feel it is pointless to report most property crimes and the areas where they occur aren’t going to report the murders, rapes and assaults that are rampant in their jurisdictions.  So don’t believe any of the nonsense about crime rates going down and if you have to go into a city, especially at night, be prepared for the worst.  And more people are prepared for the worst, regularly carrying handguns, which actually isn’t a good thing.  But if the police aren’t going to defend you, you have to do it yourself.

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