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My Contribution to Pride Month

By June 12, 2024Commentary

I really don’t care what adults do in their private lives, as long as they keep it too themselves and don’t try to impose it on the rest of us.  If, for example, you want to be delusional about your gender, that’s fine, but you have no right to force me or others to accept and go along with that delusion.  And I care very deeply about what is done to our children, and confusing them with gender ideology bullshit and sexualizing them and recruiting them to certain sexual orientations is just wrong and has to be stopped.  So take your Pride month and shove it.  What we should have in this country is a law that says there is one day of the year called “Heritage Day” and that is the only day that any government can have or permit any celebration of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or anything else.  The constant promoting of this crap does nothing but promote division and distract people from far more important aspects of life and society.

Meanwhile, the actual evidence on transgender garbage pimped to children continues to show just how insane it is.  This study finds that people who underwent gender-destroying surgery had far higher risks of suicide, twelve time greater risk, than those who didn’t.  I thought this was supposed to fix everything, I thought it kept people from committing suicide.  Who would have believed that sexually mutilating a person would exacerbate their obvious pre-existing mental illness?  These procedures are irreversible and your life is ruined, so yeah, you might want to end it.  Anyone who in any manner promotes this garbage to children should be deeply ashamed and frankly, should never be allowed any contact with children.  (Cureus Article)

And this article in the British Medical Journal discusses how the US medical establishment has diverged from the consensus in other countries that these gender-destroying treatments have any evidence to support their use.  Clinicians in the US are afraid to speak out against the lunacy pervading the medical profession and medical schools in particular.  And money drives everything in medicine, lots of doctors and hospitals making a fortune ruining children’s lives, necessitating a lifetime of treatment and revenue for the doctors and hospitals.  It is a disgrace.  (BMJ Article)

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