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Pity Today’s Young People

By June 10, 2024Commentary

You would not want to be a child or adolescent today.  The garbage these kids have to put up with is simply too much and explains why they have such high rates of mental illness and such an inability to get their lives on track and why they are attracted to crazy “movements” that give some false sense of purpose to their lives.  Excessive screen time, social media, drugs, fear-mongering about the climate and most of all, lack of education rigor replaced by massive indoctrination for whacked ideologies.  This literally rewires children’s brains and emotional states.

A new study reviews the research on functional imaging of adolescent’s brains and compares those with excessive use of the internet and social media to those who have more moderate or no use.  Functional imaging is able to real time to identify activity in various regions of the brain.  The research suggests that there are literal physical changes that occur in the brain, suggesting addictive behavior, leading to other poor behaviors including lack of impulse control, mood changes and other problems.  Keep your kids off screens unless absolutely necessary and keep them 100% away from social media.  (PLOS Study)

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