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Lot of Murders in Minnesota, Mostly Unsolved

By June 10, 2024Commentary

Here are some fun facts for Little Timmy Walz’ family friend administration in Minnesota.  Anyone who lives here knows that crime in the metro area is completely out-of-control and the official statistics have to be ignored because people don’t even bother to report crimes, since there aren’t enough police to even address serious ones like shootings.  And the Incompetent Blowhard’s law enforcement unfriendly policies are responsible for that.  No one in their right mind wants to be an officer here, you are in mortal danger and no one has your back.  And recently released statistics show this.

From 2012 to 2022, homicide rates increased in almost every state in the country.  Minnesota has had and still has a fairly low rate, but we also have one of the fastest growing rates.  Our rate increased by 90%, higher than all but a handful of states, generally rural, low population ones where a couple of murders can dramatically change the rate.  Most of our murders are of young people, which is particularly tragic.  If Fat Timmy’s regime can’t kill you in the womb, it will do its best to get you killed in the streets.   (ZH Post)   (CDC Data)

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