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Smoking Dope Makes Adolescents Crazy

By June 7, 2024Commentary

I point this out continually because it is the crucial link to all bad policy in the US.   Money buys government decisions and officials.  Cannibis is big business with lots of money involved, so legalization is moving right along due to large political contributions and extensive lobbying.  And the lies about how harmless it is flow too.  Ignored are the serious poisonings of young children and older adults and everyone in between.  Ignored are the traffic and other accidents caused by those who are intoxicated.  And continually ignored, indeed buried, is the long-standing demonstration that cannibis literally causes schizophrenia and other pyschosis in adolescents.  All these problems are exacerbated by the fact that cannibis is now being manipulated to be incredibly potent, tens of times more potent than the dope of the 60s and 70s.

A new study from Canada finds that over that last decade or so, when this far more potent cannibis has been available, there is an 11 to 27 times greater risk that an adolescent using cannibis will have a psychotic episode, including a related ER visit or hospitalization than will one who stays away from dope, which is called that for a reason.  The only good news from the study is that the same does not appear to be true for young adults.  So if you are a parent of an adolescent, you must do everything you can to keep them away from cannibis.  And don’t believe the lies of the big dope industry that cannibis is harmless.  (Cambridge Article)

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  • Dan says:

    This makes no sense “ there is an 11 to 27 times greater risk that an adolescent using cannibis will have a psychotic episode” or is not in terms understood by someone not in tune with drug studies for sure.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      There is a mammoth body of research showing exactly this link. Adolescents using cannibis in any form with any regularity are at extremely high risk for serious mental illness.

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