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The Truth About the History of Earth’s Temperature

By June 5, 2024Commentary

Climate hysterics and their omnipresent friends in the media love headlines like “Global Temperatures Warmest on Record Since Last Week”.  They constantly cherrypick timelines, use heavily “adjusted” datasets and fail to include any caveats.  So I think as a regular favor to readers I will publish charts showing the true history of temperature on earth and you can share them with your friends.  Looking at these charts will ease any anxiety caused by the hyperventilating hysterics.

The first chart shows temperature over the last several glacial cycles, driven by orbital dynamics under which the Earth receives varying levels of solar energy.  You see the regular rise and fall of temperatures and you see that our current era shows nothing unusual.  In fact, we appear in this cycle to not have hit as high a temperature peak as occurred during previous cycles.

The second chart focuses on our current interglacial cycle, we are in one of those warm times between glaciations.  If we were not, civilization as we know it would not have arisen and when the cold cycle begins we are in deep shit, likely there is nothing that can stop it.  And it gets very cold and the ice sheets expand very far.  A lot of humans are going to perish.  But you can see that temperatures even in this current cycle were much warmer a few thousand years ago, and we are on the steady decline to the next cold era.  Of course the hysterics only like to focus on the last few decades, which clearly are just another typical sub-cycle within the cycle.  While human activities may have some influence on weather, our ability to influence climate, short of nuclear armageddon, is less certain.   So enjoy the warm spell, it isn’t going to last long.

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