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A Few Charts to Bust Pro(re)gressive Myths

By June 4, 2024Commentary

The pro(re)gressive movement is marked by its adherents ability to delude themselves into believing what isn’t true and to use euphemisms to make their delusions sound like something other than what they are.  So it is extremely important for people who recognize this to stand up and say no, here are the real facts and here is what is really being done.

When it comes to “equity”, pro(re)gressives prattle on about discrimination against women and African-Americans in particular.  This is a pure lie.  Look at the chart below and tell me which gender is experiencing blatant discrimation.  If the genders were reversed on this chart, all we would hear about is how we have to get more women into these programs.  Asian and Caucasion and male people are being systematically discriminated against, both in terms of educational opportunity and jobs and promotions.  It is intentional and it is harmful not just to those individuals, but to our society, as we no longer treat people according to their abilities, knowledge and skills, but according to their skin color, ethnicity and race.

Another pro(re)gressive myth is that the rich don’t pay their share of supporting government.  Now it would be very understandable if no one wanted to support government, given how wasteful and incompetent it is.  But the fact is that wealthy Americans bear almost all the burden of supporting government and the millions of leeches who make no effort to work or pay their “fair” share of the cost of government.  It has been that way forever.  And at the same time, the pro(re)gressives protect their rich billionaire donors from paying taxes by creating “private foundation” tax dodges that hide trillions from taxation.  And these foundations are then used to support the election of whacked Dems and the causes they favor.

Finally, one of the things that the pro(re)gressives and the climate hysterics do is help their billionaire friends get richer by “renewable” energy scams while making consumers pay more and more for electricity.  California is the leader is this regard as the charts below demonstrate, but this is coming to almost every state.  Not only are the bills getting higher but the power is getting less reliable.  Look forward to blackouts while your electricity bill has doubled.

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  • Jersey JoePa says:

    Keep these charts flowing Kevin. Always good to stymie my liberal friends with a reality check. As John Adams famously said – “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”

  • Brad Jenkins says:

    Thanks, Kevin. You are a national treasure and too good for Minnesota to keep. Come on down to the free state of Iowa!

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