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We Should All Be Greatly Saddened By What Our Country Has Become

By May 31, 2024Commentary

I know the Trump verdict will have enraged most of you, as it did me.  I am sure the conviction will be overturned and if anything it helps his campaign.  But what I am enraged and saddened about is what this means for our country.  I started writing about the loss of the concept of the rule of law in this country, but I have had difficulty continuing it because it is such a distressing topic to me.  The rule of law, having a relatively objective, neutral legal system, has been critical to the economic success of this country and to our relatively benign politics.  That is gone, completely gone.  The insane Democrates have destroyed it.  And don’t think I constantly use terms like lunacy, whacked, insane and crazy as rhetorical devices.  This is literal insanity, this self-destructive urge to ruin the country you live in for political reasons that will backfire in any event.

No one should feel safe.  If this is the way the game will be played, I certainly hope Republicans now actively look for every opportunity to charge any Democrat with any crime they can make up and bring the cases in rural counties where a Democrat doesn’t have a prayer of getting a fair trial before an impartial jury.  That is the equivalent of what happened to Trump.  No business is safe, some whacked Democrat will get an urban jury of African-Americans and progressive lunatics to put them out of business.  I repeat, no one is safe.

The solution is a consitutional amendment that bars any prosecution of any federal official except by a special independent office set up for the purpose of investigating and prosecuting alleged wrongdoing, before a court composed solely of judges who are strictly apolitical.  And the courts need to be far more vigilant in protecting against the sort of abuse that has become common in our cities in particular, where certain minorities are excused from blatant vicious criminal behavior and other people are crucified.  The Derek Chavin case is a clear example of this.  This isn’t justice, it is despicable and overt politicization of the system to benefit whatever group is in charge.

So be very, very sad for what we have become.  And fight back in every possible way that you can.

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  • Barb says:

    It’s incredibly concerning. As if we haven’t seen some real atrocities during the Biden term, this really sets a new course. And the worst part is how little the public understands about this! The comments from people are so ill informed. They don’t get what’s happening.

  • Mark says:

    Well said. A sad day indeed.

  • David says:

    Yes, sad to see. When the Rule of Law is a Weapon of the Ruling Party then as you say, no one is safe.
    Fight Back when the Tools we are use to having have been taken from us. Voting, Government and Law are of no more use. So what’s left? A knock on the door at 3 a.m. is something that becomes very effective. Only question is, Who will be knocking? Us or them?

  • David K says:

    Well-said, Kevin. It is such a blatant miscarriage of justice and knowing the MN. Dems are in charge of our elections brings no relief.

  • Joe - the non climate scientist says:

    The Mann V Simberg/Steyn defamatation case is likewise a prime example

    a – choosing DC to file suit, – extremely partisan jury pool
    B – choosing DC to file suit – Judges that have little or no concept of legal standards or statutes. The case should have been dismissed at the SLAP motion stage
    C – A judge who did not understand the applicable standard set forth by the US Supreme court in Harte Hank Comm case.

    D – jury instructions that mischaracterized the applicable standard in harte hanks

  • Richard Satterfield says:

    HILARIOUS!!! The verdict will not be overturned because as we have all discovered, the US Constitution is nothing more than a piece of paper.

  • Diana Roeder says:

    My dad and mom lived into their 90s. I miss them, but I am so glad they didn’t live to see this.

  • Michael Montgomery, MD says:

    And now they are after the Oil companies: FTC; DOJ; Schumer; etc.

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