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Wind Farms Will Save Us All

By May 11, 2024Commentary

Our local toilet paper dispenser, the Star Tribune, has a climate hysteria headline about CO2 levels growing faster and what are we going to do about it.  The growth in CO2 is because countries like China and India and Russia and the whole Middle East don’t give a damn about CO2 and don’t think it is causing undue warming, so they keep using more and more coal and other fossil fuels.  China in particular is having a real laugh at us as it makes almost all the solar power equipment we use, while generating all its power from coal.  The US is headed toward Germany’s current state–electricity is so expensive that businesses are shutting down.   We will soon have a completely unreliable and expensive power system.

And of course all the lies we are being told about “renewable” energy will soon become more apparent to everyone.  You should read John Hinderaker’s regular posts on the topic at Powerline blog, and the Center for the American Experiment’s posts.  You should also read a series of articles on just how environmentally unfriendly wind and solar power from John Droz, the most recent of which is here.  (Droz Article)   As he points out in this article, wind, and solar, power equipment uses a lot of rare earths.  There is significant damage caused from the mining of these materials, but they also create radioactive waste.  The Droz Article has links to several other pieces describing just how “dirty” these supposedly green sources of energy are.

But my favorite part of all this nonsense is how Mother Nature herself obviously could give a crap about our futile and desperate efforts to generate electricity from “green” sources.  She uses hail storms to destroy solar panels and wind to destroy wind turbines.  Here is another wonderful story about a floating solar panel farm in India that was completely destroyed just as it was coming on line.  The stupidity of people promoting this kind of electrical generation is beyond absurd–they think the sun shines and wind blows 24 hours a day, every day.  They think that these large facilities, wasting huge amounts of land that could be better used, are somehow immune to normal, natural weather occurrences.  (ZH Post)

And if you think this is all bad, wait til you see what battery storage to stabilize the grid and power supply costs and the environmental damage done by the production, operation and disposal of those facilities.

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