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Another Body Blow to Gender Dis-Affirmation

By April 19, 2024Commentary

As I keep saying, in our age of public policy insanity, the most insane item is the gender ideology garbage we are pushing on children, which often leads to incredibly harmful and irreversible treatments for made-up gender confusion.  Other countries are beginning to wake up to the spread of this pernicious nonsense from the US.  Every credible review of the non-science behind this gibberish has concluded that indeed, there is no evidentiary support for mutilating children, or anyone for that matter.  The most recent example comes from Britain.

Known as the Cass Review, and published in the BMJ, researchers were commissioned by the UK’s National Health Service to ascertain the state of evidence for butchering children, whether by use of puberty blockers or surgery.  I strongly encourage you to read the review in its entirety.  One part of the review found a lack of clear data on what kinds of children and adolescents were being selected for treatment.  Most had evidence of mental health issues, aside from alleged gender confusion.  The lack of data is intentional, as the psychologists and supposed medical professionals who make money from this racket do not want it made clear that they target the most vulnerable and do so with emotional blackmail of parents.

Another part of the review found almost no research, and no good quality research, on whether treatment improved the mental health of the poor children subjected to disaffirmation.  Seems like that might be a critical piece of evidence before you started mass recruiting of children into this gobbedly-gook.  Another article finds a similar paucity of evidence on providing ongoing social support for the mutilated children, but also not surprising since the practitioners have no interest in whether it benefits them, just in furthering their ideology and making money.

The review of puberty blockers found that they indeed forced physical changes, which were likely not good for health, and that there was no evidence that they improved mental health or quality of life.   Using hormones to try to make a male look like a female and vice versa similarly had no high-quality evidence for benefit.  Finally, a review of typical care pathways revealed that 68% of those referred received either puberty blockers or masculinizing or feminizing hormones and an additional 16% underwent surgery.  All of this is irreversible and has damaging health side-effects.  Nothing was revealed about the extent to which these poor children received any counseling.  In the US it is common after one visit to prescribe these horrific treatments.  All this can be read here.  (BMJ Studies)

Anyone who reads this could only conclude that we as a society have lost our minds in an orgy of self-destructiveness, which is being imposed on the youngest and most vulnerable among us.  The rise in mental health issues among young people is directly related to the spread of this ideology, an assault on the core of any child’s sense of self.  Lawsuits and criminal punishment should accrue to the perpetrators in a rational world.  We have a few states doing their best to stop the spread of this delusional ideology and the medical barbarism it engenders (no pun intended).

In the meantime, tell every child you are close to or that you meet that they are fine the way they were born and to be very, very happy they were born and are a boy or a girl, as the case may be.  That is real gender-affirming care.

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  • David says:

    What is most concerning is the ease such lies are believed and spread. As if we are told what to think, not how to think. Are we a Society of Idiots with vast amounts of Information at our fingertips yet Clueless as what that information really consists of?
    Thanks Kevin for never giving up!

  • Chris W says:

    Thanks for continuing to address the butchering and mutilation of children over this gender nonsense. The butchers use the term gender-affirming because as the see it, gender is fluid and arbitrarily assigned at birth. I prefer to say that I am sex-affirming because sex is binary, mutually exclusive, and it’s built into our very DNA which cannot be changed. So your last statement is spot on, except that I would use the term sex-affirming care.

    Keep up the good work!

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