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Is Sanity Returning on Gender Dis-affirmation?

By April 11, 2024Commentary

Let’s hope so.  A number of European countries have begun banning the barbaric biochemical and surgical mutilation of children.  We are seeing increased lawsuits against the medical misfits pimping this gibberish for profit.  I believe those lawsuits and the increased insurance costs they bring, will ultimately bring down this nightmarish industry.  And there are pockets of real, actual research on just how destructive these practices are.  The shameless promoters of this crap to children claim they are all transgender and if we don’t destroy their bodies they will commit suicide. Emotional blackmail to parents.  The truth is that this insanity is what is causing the mental health crisis among young people in this country.

Here is a study showing that among those who had gender destroying surgery, the likelihood of committing suicide was higher after the surgeries and rates of needing mental health care also rose.  So much for the idea that the surgery was all that was needed to make everything fine.  The truth is that these patients are mentally ill, they are taken advantage of by medical providers and then discover that their lives and their health is even worse.  (AUA Study)

Prior research has shown that children who are supposedly unhappy about their gender usually grow out of that dissatisfaction.  Let’s be honest, children and adolescents don’t know what the hell they want and are in no position to be even thinking about their gender as a choice, which it isn’t, much less pressured into making irreversible, life-ruining decisions.  This long-running study from the Netherlands found that while some adolescents expressed uncertaintly about gender satisfaction by early adult almost all no longer expressed any dissatisfaction.  The lesson that should be taken from this is that children, and adolescents in particular, should be constantly told to be happy with the way they were born, and to not even think about changing gender.  And the study further supports the notion that supposed gender confusion is almost always found among those with a wider range of mental illness issues.  Medical providers and psychologists are taking advantage of these vulnerable children in pursuit of lifelong profits from their misery.  (Dutch Study)

Finally, another of the common lies that the transgender whackos tell is that use of puberty blockers is “reversible”.  First, these drugs have serious side effects and potential lifelong health consequences.  You don’t screw that dramatically with hormones and biochemistry without side effects.  But this new paper also finds that there is nothing reversible about puberty blockers in particular, that in fact they have lasting impacts on sex organ and other tissues.  The research is from the Mayo Clinic, but don’t expect to read about it in your local paper or on local media, they have all sold out to the whacked letter community.  (Medrxiv Paper)

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