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Wokery is Mental Illness

By April 2, 2024Commentary

I don’t know what to make of large segments of today’s society.  People, especially young people, have no sense of purpose, mission or meaning.  They are susceptible to any delusion, which is easily spread by social media.  In case you had any doubt about the level of mental illness among those who have fallen under the spell of any form of woke gibberish, a couple of pieces of research would help you past those doubts.  The first is a comprehensive analysis of a couple of surveys relating to certain ideological positions and mental illness/success in life.  Supposed sexual orientation/gender gibberish has become ideological; it has nothing to do with true personal preference.  Anyone who is unhappy with themselves or their lot in life decides that it is because of sexual orientation or gender uncertainty.

The survey strongly supports the idea that those who fall prey to gender ideology or to the racist oppression theory subsequently have far more issues with mental health, which becomes a reinforcing cycle, and they do worse in school and other areas of life, like forming successful relationships.  Women are particularly prone to these ideologies and to their authoritarian aspects, like banning speech and endorsing violence.  The indoctrination of young Americans in schools is working, and the side effect is more mental illness.  (CHS Survey)

And this study from Finland reports on construction of a scale for “social justice” beliefs and their correlation with other factors.  “Social Justice” is the whackos favored euphemism for racism, ageism, sexism and other forms of discrimation.  In any event, to their discredit, women are far more likely to endorse this ideology than men.  Those who ranked high on the social justice scale were also more unhappy and had more depression and anxiety.  I would also be miserable if I believed in unscientific gobbledy-gook.  (Finland Study)

Finally, the worst of the looney-tunes ideologies is the transgender nonsense, especially as pimped to children.  I am reminded that my friends at the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine noted some years ago that there is no scientific basis for use of puberty blockers or anything else on children.  It is beyond alarming what is happening to our kids.  (CEBM Post)

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