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I Am Done With Coronamonomania, Part 3

By March 31, 2024Commentary

This study from Australia deals with whether likely vaccine-associated heart inflammation has longer-term impacts on the heart.  I will first note that somewhat astoundingly, the authors present no data about whether the individuals studied had been infected with CV-19, even though they noted that heart inflammation is far more likely following infection than vaccination and that the course of myocarditis following infection is more serious on average that that following from vaccination.  Not including this important variable makes the study close to worthless and is simply hard to understand as anything other than research malpractice.  Nonetheless, the study does suggest that a significant number of likely vaccine-associated heart inflammation cases result in lasting scarring or other impacts to heart issue, which can be associated with worse long-term impacts.  But also note that the rate of heart inflammation following vaccination was 2 in 100,000 cases, or .0002%.  (Medrxiv Paper)

And here is a similar study which suffers from the same major fault, comes to a similar conclusion and notes, as did the prior paper, that no major cardiac events occurred during the several month follow-up period.  At least this study did include some comorbidities, which found a highly significant correlation between smoking and the appearance of vaccine-associated myocarditis.  (JCMR Article)

And certain people who are just trying desperately to maintain some attention they received during the epidemic, continue to make literally absurd and insane claims about vaccine safety, like that they have DNA fragments that cause cancer.  I am not going to waste a lot of time on this nonsense but here is a pretty clear rebuttal.  I would like to point out the obvious–that most viral vaccines before the mRNA ones were made up of inactivated virus and contained the complete DNA sequences of those viruses in large quantities.  I don’t recall any research suggesting any issues with that.  (DNA Article)

The other just dumb claim being made is that the vaccines are causing a surge in cancer in young people.  This too is pure evidence-free bullshit.  There is no significant variation in the trend of overall cancer cases or deaths.  Here is a good example of these vax safety nuts inability to do basic reasoning.  What was clear during the epidemic was that large numbers of screenings were missed, in addition to appointments for cancer treatment.  So let’s see, if you have a lot fewer screenings, you will miss some cancer diagnoses; then after the epidemic screening levels return to normal and you pick up not only the new cancer diagnoses, but all the ones that were missed during the epidemic, so what looks like an uptick in incidence is a timing artifact.

More bad news for the VSNs is found in this study looking at prevalence of stroke in Medicare beneficiaries following receipt of the updated CV-19 vaccine.  No association of stroke with the vaccine was found, consistent with multiple other pieces of research.  Interestingly, there was a slightly elevated risk of stroke among people who received a concommitted flu vaccine, and receipt of a flu vaccine alone showed slightly elevated risk.  (JAMA Study)

One of the reasons it is a bad idea to give people repeated vaccinations against the same pathogen is a phenomenon called immune imprinting.  Basically, the immune system just keeps generating the same antibodies and other immune responses that it did after the first exposure to any subsequent exposure even to a modified variant.  This study found that in the case of new versions of the CV-19 vaccine designed to address the latest mutations of CV-19, they were more likely to recall the original B cell response than to generate new B cell repertoires, which helps explain why the vaccines are pretty ineffective.  (Cell Article)

The latest CDC data on seroprevalence suggests that around 95% of Americans have either by infection or vaccination or both, antibodies to CV-19.  Other studies have indicated that at least 80% to 90% of Americans have been infected.  And in our futile efforts to stop this we turned ourselves inside out and destroyed our finances and our children’s education.  (CDC Data)

All current CV-19 vaccines target the spike protein.  But an infection prompts an immune response to multiple parts of the virus, including the nucleocapsid protein.  One common method for identifying a person who has had an infection from one who has been vaccinated is by looking for anti-nucleocapsid antibodies or T cell responses.   But the level of of those antibodies may vary depending on vaccination status and other factors.  This article and study examine the impact of those factors and their relevance for studies of vaccine effectiveness and other research.  Basically, vaccinated people may have lower levels or lack of anti-N antibodies after infection, and some unvaxed people who were infected may not have had a significant enough infection to generate high levels of anti-N antibodies.  (ACP Article)



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